Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 1 - 06/09/2022 at 8 pm ET

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  1. Her Insta is @shryecosplay for anyone who is interested in finding her stuff :)

  2. Just finished In Too Deep. Why couldn't they just put her back in her body? It's been dead for while so they'd have to like to CPR and stuff, but whatever. Crazier things have happened on this show...

  3. Because the cells have been dead too long, also wasn't her body dumped?

  4. "Due to the increase in summer travel, the Transportation Security Administration recommends that travelers arrive at least three hours before departure."

  5. What if tsa doesn't open at my airport til 80 mins before the flight departs? Cause that's the case in my flight Wednesday morning

  6. I love rhe announcer. I've gotten into watching all of jelles marble runs

  7. It's such a satisfying feeling! I had that when I booked mine last month

  8. My screening of Lightyear was pretty empty. But my boys loved it, so that’s a win.

  9. Not guaranteed though. There's been some sets where it's been 12am pst. Others where it was 9am est the day of cause it got screwed up.

  10. You nailed it. I watch this and think your actually Colin and just pulling our legs. The mannerisms you've nailed

  11. why a Korra movie? She already had a whole show about her, with 4 seasons even

  12. As a legend of korra fan I am but also am used to it. Get tired of the posts where people are like 'oh I was so wrong about it' where the original opinion are from vocal minority of people who don't watch the whole thing and hate on it.

  13. Korra Season One was great though. The only problem with that season is the lackluster ending

  14. I remember watching season 1 and really liking it but I remember a lot of the hate it got for the technology shift and people wishing it wasn't post aang and that crap.

  15. Toss up between Treasure Planet and Atlantis. Both super underrated.

  16. Atlantis got a mediocre small screen sequel that was a not picked up pilot for a TV show. It could've been so much better though. Both need a proper sequel or live action remake

  17. I loved the small screen sequel, it def would have been better as a Team Atlantis series

  18. I like it too. It would've been cooler too have more adventures in a series.

  19. As someone who just bought shower doors I’m guessing those are tub doors. They were much cheaper than standing shower, and easier to find at non-big hardware stores than standing shower, especially if you needed ones not 60 in size. We needed 48 in and had to special order at big box. Judging by that photo I doubt it’s 60 in…

  20. All the comics are very good. If nothing else the search is what happened to zukos mom

  21. Even tho fox isn't playing this important news event, just a response afterwards

  22. On the card art they are black. I did mine grey green like in the movies though.

  23. I did one green, one grey and one white. Each with different ranks.

  24. Same technique different method but same end result. I use a tufting gun to make this!

  25. We had this in Illinois but it was an opt-in program. We tried it for a year thinking it might be a savings but it ended up more expensive, so we flipped back to flat rate pricing.

  26. I don't know if can opt out or in. Think it got put on us. Was very close to when we moved. I still remember the giant bills we got the summer before we managed to get a new ac cause the old one couldn't keep the house below 80 on hottest days.

  27. How the hell can they tell those apart?

  28. In my electric district we're have 3 tiers. Tier 1 is the lowest per kilowatt hour. Then tier 2 goes up in price from noon to midnight (minus tier 3 hours). Most expensive is 3-8pm. The thought it appliances draw more kilowatts that lights and that so they ask not to run during those hours or it'll cost you more.

  29. Hmm i don't think this is true as Pepsi owns Aquafina. There is also La Croix which is owned by a Wisconsin company.

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