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AITA for laughing at my niece's gift?

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  1. No recommendations but I wanted to say that I borrowed A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting because of your question and LOVED it. Thanks OP!

  2. I honestly didn't think it would make a difference, but I thought I'd give one a shot and it's amazing. I got the pharmedoc on Amazon with an organic cotton cover and I think I might just keep it forever.

  3. I've had a cold the last week and my husband, who already does most of the cooking, really went out of his way to make sure that I felt loved and care for, especially yesterday, which just knocked me out. He brought over tea and broth, cooked even more, cleaned, and made sure I was comfortable.

  4. Most of us just do the first month with our kids ourselves here! I see confinement nanny’s are for the first 28 days of the baby’s life- I’ve never heard of anyone who is not disabled utilizing this. It’s part of the price we pay to birth babies- we have to take care of them too!

  5. This is actually a part of several cultures, like in Chinese culture you would “sit the month” to recover and might have a confinement nanny. There is also need to shame others if they want to get help, whether you are disabled or not.

  6. I would recommend you join the Main Street Mamas SF on Facebook and ask this question there since you will receive a lot more referrals there from folk who have done it.

  7. I loooooved Uprooted. The dynamic between Sarkin and Agnieszka was just delicious.

  8. I will buy books from authors that I already love or read them through the library first, then if I love it, I’ll buy it.

  9. I was in my 30s before I could finally complete one. It took a lot of time and patience. I also explained that I had vaginismus to the doctors, who luckily were pretty understanding and wouldn’t push it if I couldn’t handle it.

  10. This was the only bot that I regularly used. Thank you for creating this wonderful bot. I'm glad it lasted as long as it did.

  11. It has a protective hero who is kind of brooding but not with family or the heroine. He is on a plot for revenge, but the heroine gets in the way and kind of endangers herself because she starts a rumor that he went into her room and kissed her🫢, all so she could break off an engagement with this older man her parents are making her marry. It’s kind of slow burn but the type where they get to know each other and talk and there’s a lot of banter and tension and so when the steam actually starts it’s not like where tf did this come from.

  12. Just put this on my TBR list so I could read and chat about it! Thanks for this review!

  13. That was insane, I was genuinely afraid for a few minutes there with the typhoon level winds, hail, rain lashing the windows and thunder and lightning. Damn!

  14. In case anyone else was wondering about the allegations…(I’m not on Tik Tok so generally have no idea of what people are discussing there.)

  15. I'm married but now I want my hsuband to propose AGAIN with a corgi puppy

  16. As a fellow pregnant lady, I completely agree with you taking the time off. I'm entering the second trimester and I'm not planning to move from my bed, let alone my apartment, tomorrow and Thursday. I once fell in a drizzle and broke my ankle, so I'm not chancing ANYTHING with a baby on the way.

  17. Ten minutes will be nothing compared to how long this affects OP’s niece. Thirty years from now she will still remember this experience.

  18. Yeah, my dad rejected my homemade Santa as “ugly” when I was 9 and the memory of being rejected by my parent is the number one thing I work on in therapy as an adult, along with my tendencies towards perfectionism and anxiety. Gee, wonder where I got that from. I’m in my 40s.

  19. I love this movie! The leaning scene, the confrontation, the iconic wedding + love confession scene and the final marriage proposal scene are my top favorite! Sometimes I watch random scenes on YouTube to cheer me up. One of my favorite romcoms! 💕

  20. This is one of my all-time favorite romantic comedies. The chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, plus how she fit in so well with the family. The leaning scene is SO good, the sexual tension is just exquisite. And Joe Jr.!

  21. I felt this way in the beginning, but I gradually got used to it and even learned to admire my vulva and vagina. It did help to have some exposure therapy where I worked with a sex therapist to look through an empowering book of the vulva from many different women, which was honestly amazing. She also had a vulva plushie that loved. I also did visualizations where I pictured my vulva and vagina as a beautiful lotus flower unfurling. And yes, I did regularly look at my vulva with a mirror until I got more comfortable.

  22. I remember doing the flower exercise on my healing journey and thought it sounded corny but it was actually the thing that helped me to insert a finger for the first time!

  23. Right? In general, I roll at my eyes at new wavey stuff but this was so helpful. It also taught me to be less judgmental about things that could genuinely be helpful as we heal.

  24. Corgi hoarders! Just kidding, Merry Christmas to you and the corgis!

  25. It took me several reads to figure out that this was a quote from Doctor Who that you would like to read in a romance novel. Putting this in here for anyone else as confused as I was!

  26. Hello! I'm working on my pregnancy announcement to my parents, which I'm hoping to give them for Christmas.

  27. His Girl Friday - Cary Grant is a newspaper editor, Rosalind Russell his ex-wife and star reporter. They work on one last story before she marries someone else, but he’s still in love with her. The banter in this is fast and furious and so, so good.

  28. Alice Adams - Katherine Hepburn plays a poor girl who is trying to move up but doesn't do a convincing job of it

  29. Also my great grandmother was very wealthy and cheap. She bought us (not on our registry) a hello kitty waffle iron. I laughed and kept it tell we eventually had kids. She came to our wedding and a disinvite was never even in the question!

  30. OK now I’m sad I didn’t think to put this on my registry. I would have died of happiness to receive a Hello Kitty waffle iron.

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