1. Got my splivvy on CS - all my shares are book. Nothing on the shares I left in my IRA w/ Fudelity.

  2. He was constantly lying and just mean as fuck at the end. Too much disrespect.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. A series of betrayals will really rock your core and throw you off center.

  4. Aries sun scorpio moon sag rising. I expected to be knocked on my ass by this eclipse but things have been going pretty well. I feel very confident and despite some lingering insecurities feel like I’m coming more into myself. I was having absolutely insane dreams a few days ago but those are gone. I reconnected with an ex that I adore but know he’s still a bit emotionally unavailable despite telling me he loves me. Trying to focus on my needs more and not pass that on to other people. Fill up your cup!

  5. This EXACT thing just happened to me. Full-on communication and transparency at the onset. Whirlwind romance. Weird moments of feeling like I was annoying him. Noticing him pulling away. Then... Rug pull.

  6. Aouch, I'm sorry, it's so heartbreaking especially if like me you thought you had established boundaries and clear standards. It started so well, it was so promising and then poof, the guy goes distant. For me it lasted eleven month (until I had enough), we met each other family, he seemed so committed but emotionally kept me at arm length.

  7. Sadly she does not do remote, but I found her through a group collective of therapists focused on anxiety disorders.

  8. This is me too. Very difficult time right now with my frustration.

  9. At this point idk if I’m unlovable, unlucky, or lacking in self worth.

  10. Enjoy it before brand planning hits you in the ass in summer/fall.

  11. A very helpful reading. Allowed me some peace during a very tumultuous time. The meaning of my experience was spot on and I appreciate the guidance. <3

  12. Yuuup. I wasn't anxious at all when the green flags were flying, I was on cloud 9. But when she started acting shitty, I just dug in my heels. I'm still pining over someone who claimed to love me and then dumped me through a text message with no attempt to work on things. Her communication skills were horrid and that should be all I need to know. Yet I pine because I feel unmoored when not in a romantic relationship.

  13. Damn I’m so sorry. This is my story too. My person HAD communication skills, I saw it. He just completely blindsided me out of nowhere with a non communicative breakup. It’s the worst feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I also feel unmoored (perfect term) when I’m not in a romantic relationship. That’s the one part I feel like I’m missing in life. Going back to therapy to explore that feeling. Wishing you well and I hope things get better.

  14. I’m a Venus and sun in Aries (conjunction) in my 4H. I usually absolutely love this time of year and feel alive and romantic. I recently got dumped by an Aries moon/Jupiter 7H and am so freaking sad. I miss him like crazy. Prob not dating again for a while.

  15. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Read up on avoidant attachment. This is a common pattern called deactivation. Sometimes they come back. It may take 6 weeks or even 6 months. But you need to think what is best for you. They repeat this pattern whenever they get close. Is that how you want to live your life? Do you want to spend the rest of your life on eggshells, not being your full self because you are trying not to trigger a deactivation? It is a difficult life.

  16. Thank you for your kind words. I have done a lot of research on avoidants, and dated a few. I think what’s fucking me up about this one is the spending our lives together piece. It’s so painful that I let this person in and believed them.

  17. Heartbreak! Couldn’t get off and when I finally did my chest would ache or I’d start crying. Lasted a couple months

  18. I don't have an answer for you because I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I am coming out of a relationship with a man who told me he loved me and wanted to build a life together. He broke it off with me for no reason except to 'work on himself' but he's out partying and will certainly be with another girl soon.

  19. I went freelance. I know this isn’t possible for all jobs but, it’s a buyers market if you’re able.

  20. i'd argue it's not even worth entertaining counteroffers most of the time. employers could be bitter that you put them in that position, and employees could be left wondering "what if" they took that other job.

  21. If you’re not serious about the counter offer then don’t share it. It’s always worth giving your current employer a shot at matching. At the least they’ll know the market.

  22. Needed this very badly. I just went through this exact thing except my person texted me all the time, introduced me to their friends, made plans and prioritized me. But he is still avoidant, and had an episode where he realized he just can’t be in a relationship, but that he still loves me. He broke it off and I’ve been a sad mess since. I truly wish we all didn’t have these attachment issues.

  23. I have an identical matching tea cup and saucer I found at the thrift!! What an amazing find

  24. A call. We got into what I saw as a minor disagreement last night but he completely deactivated and made me take him home (it was date night). I haven’t heard from him and have been morose ever since.

  25. “Hey handsome, wanna come to my place so we can watch The Lord of the Rings extended edition and eat pizza?”

  26. Man this hit home bc me and my bf were legit supposed to do this last night, but he bailed 😞

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