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  1. What is there to empathize with? He was smart so he deserved to be rich? Again, literally all he had to do was file a piece of paper. That's on him lmao

  2. he wanted electricity to be free to everyone which is why he didn't patent it if he had gotten his way you would never have to pay a single penny for electricity bills which is most desirable nowadays when a lot of appliances use a load of electricity i swear to god your are most definitely Thomas Edison in disguise lol

  3. I feel like as long as the meme is made in a mocking way it's fine I mean seriously dudes like him deserved to be bullied

  4. That whole movie was gay have you seen Quentin Tarantino's analysis on that film

  5. Joe Biden is near the edge of being senile how do they think he's that smart

  6. It will either be a dragon break or the empire wins for me because tulius seems like a smarter man than ulfric not only that the thalmor is with the imperials

  7. This has always bothered me when I was a kid I thought the n word was just a way to describe a black person since I got called a chink once so I called my brother's friend the n word with a hard r and he told me not to call anyone that honestly I'm surprised he didn't beat me

  8. I know it’s a Spanish word for black but why choose Craig of the creek to throw in

  9. Some Spanish speaking countries mostly have slightly dark skinned folks so they probably saw the character as a representation of them

  10. Who actually knows the mother's or even the father's of famous scientist's tho

  11. He already has irl issues he got arrested.....

  12. Oh yeah I'm pretty sure he also got arrested for conspiring with isis and aiding Hitler during ww2

  13. Wait my family aren't christians but me and my brother still got circumcised our dad told us it's a health thing

  14. Suicide! Shot himself in the head 5 times in a row with a gun 3 metres away from him. PS: don't really know how he died but i expect suicide would be the answer as always

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