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  1. I can smell the diabetes from here. Orange / Green 2024

  2. Life, close to putting the Onion out of business since 2015. It's not even a satire site at this point. Real life is more unbelievable than what they put out.

  3. I pray every day that Trump continues to run and tears the GOP to shreds (before he goes to prison).

  4. This is my forecast. He won't give up and they have to dump him to survive. Looking forward to the carnage.

  5. They legitimately call themselves “anti-woke”. They are proud of being asleep.

  6. I am a responsible gun owner from growing up hunting. These mass shootings compared to other countries are ridiculous. It won't get better until we have some changes. Not saying I have all the answers just that we need to stop this. The HUMOR part is the thoughts and prayers are the solution.

  7. Found this funny. Hoping the Meme is acceptable to this sub and found humorous.

  8. No ties to Russia and his friend Putin were ever found.

  9. What's next Fahrenheit 451 book burning to prevent learning for children?

  10. I have read most of his books and the news is scarier these days.

  11. I used to laugh at these clowns and think they will get theirs and still waiting.

  12. WTF Bible do conservatives follow? Seems they cherry pick the Hell out of it.

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