Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. Not sure why people are complaining about this. This is one the best benefits of coffee.

  2. Really hope he’s just being polite to his other suitors by saying he hasn’t agreed until the deal is officially signed.

  3. I don’t understand why people think that intentional grounding was a bad call

  4. Next year is when things get hairy. Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase will be consuming about a quarter of the salary cap, and Boyd and Higgins will be free agents.

  5. And the cap will be some unbelievably high number in 2024 with the new tv deals. Like, somewhere north of $250 million

  6. Entire game. NFL is losing credibility. Rapidly. Will be the new Boxing soon.

  7. I heard on a broadcast years ago that they typically will only call it fi you go outside your shoulders cause otherwise there would be holding every play. So looks like the ref saw it that way

  8. Yeah I feel like it would’ve been a pretty weak call and people would’ve been pretty upset.

  9. The one where a bunch of people lost money and are now blaming the refs

  10. If Brock Purdy played, then that 7 would be at least 21, and since the 49rs would’ve actually been able to play offense, the defense wouldn’t have given up 31, so make that 31 also 21. Tie game going into overtime whoever gets ball first wins

  11. Honest question- do refs ever call block in the backs 20 yards away from the play when the defender immediately regains his footing?

  12. That’s only a block in the back to people who aren’t familiar with the rules

  13. The way people are reacting I’d guess that most people had bet on the Bengals.

  14. My unpopular opinion is that the Bengals guy was looking for a call. I didn’t think there was much there.

  15. I think it’s pretty insane that the guys who were 1st and 4th in the NFL in passer rating this year were college teammates

  16. The refs could've easily swallowed the whistle there and no one would be complaining.

  17. Are you fucking kidding? That was about as obvious a late hit out of bounds as there has ever been. Like textbook. You’d have been fine with cuz you were rooting for the Bengals.

  18. And like from a ton of neutrals too. I ain’t got no dog here. I thought Chiefs-Bengals was fun.

  19. Naww y’all are just being salty. 17 was looking for the call. The Chiefs guy disengaged before doing anything.

  20. People aren’t actually complaining about the call on Ossai right?

  21. Yeah but what causes those weather phenomenon?

  22. El Niño and La Niña are natural phenomena, however their effect are amplified by climate change.

  23. If the Big 12/SEC challenge has taught me anything it’s that home teams are better than road teams.

  24. Mizzou Arena is now a legitimate factor in home games consistently. Let's go!

  25. Yeah. What we’re gonna learn in the big12/sec thing is that home teams are better than road teams.

  26. The requirement is that they be maintained and operational AND be returned to the army if needed.

  27. The Army’s white elephant gift to local PD’s.

  28. I think teams should get way more credit for winning road games than they do cuz every highly ranked road team has lost or is losing.

  29. Alabama is actually undefeated on the road at this point. Only 2 losses are neutral site

  30. I ain't never seen a mf like DJ Burns.

  31. Imma back you down from the 3-pt line and there’s nothing you can do about it

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