1. It’s ironic, because I’m unemployed and have been looking for a few months.

  2. I have been unemployed and looking hard for almost a year(although despite my nearly 50 interviews, potential employers have treated me as if that wasn't the case).

  3. Because it's about the size of two buses, and if it was to fall it could be dangerous to people.

  4. Because the university messed up my financial aid and made it impossible for me to pass and stay enrolled for a second semester.

  5. There should be literally no reason for her not to if she feels like saying it first.

  6. This is so ironic. It's literally happening right now. I'm trying to expand your understanding of the thing you're talking about by adding additional perspective and your immediate reaction is:

  7. Honestly, there's a good likelihood that she no longer has them. There's a strong chance that she got rid of them intentionally, and there's also a chance that she lost them.

  8. Double bleu cheese burgers with bacon, tomatoes, white onions, okra, black olives, and extra spicy soy almond anchovy garlic oyster sauce dressing, all on whole wheat sesame-seed raisin buns.

  9. Too many fuckin jobs I’m inexperienced or unqualified for. Even got turned down for a retail spot, tf is this

  10. On the flip side, I am incredibly qualified for SO MANY jobs. I have tons of experience. And I am still being turned down for everything. I am being turned down for jobs where I meet literally all of the listed criteria. I am a helpful person with a lot of good references and a history of accomplishments, and still, no one will hire me. I am really close to just giving up.

  11. And Godwin's Law was a mistake, because it allowed the literal Nazis to come back, by shutting down anyone who would point out literal Nazis.

  12. Aight so under your logic when my tall ass gets on a plane, and you wound up in an exit row, I should have every right to demand you get up and fuck off to another seat right? Or if we had to group up in to a car it’s entirely fair for me to demand you end up jammed in to the uncomfortable middle to accommodate my legs, correct?

  13. And nobodies being denied live music by a tall person standing where they’d like. My height doesn’t block sound waves, you can still hear it perfectly fine. You haven’t lost the product you paid for in the slightest, now if you want to see you are just as free to go somewhere else in the crowd where your view is less obstructed, after all, you also have legs that move.

  14. Pro Tip: The United States Army is the largest, most successful Socialist program on the face of the Earth.

  15. Unfortunately, if the food at the top is bad there's a good likelihood that whatever's been growing on the top food has been transferred to the food on the bottom as well.

  16. This feels like a pretense he was using to break up with her and to make her think that she had broken up with him.

  17. Obviously they would be understood, that isn't in question. I am saying that they will sound weird and pretentious because they do not speak Mexican spanish or have that accent. It's like when an American pronounces a countries name using the native language pronunciation. "When I was in Deutschland (spittle flying) last week..." Bro you were in Germany.

  18. Most U.S.-English-speakers won't be able to tell that you said "keh-so" instead of "kay-so".

  19. FYI: Spain spanish and Mexican spanish are rather different in sound. What you hear in Spain is not what you hear in Tijuana lol.

  20. Any non-Hispanic person in the U.S. saying "keh-so" will be easily understood in the vast majority of situations where they'd be mentioning "queso".

  21. I can't relocate I have severe travel phobia and ptsd

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