1. So I anticipate these characters will in fact be adults who just have a small frame and like to dress "cute". Which... on the surface I have no issue with. (I am a bit uncomfy with one of them literally wearing a school uniform though, that is imo crossing into directly fetishizing the idea of children)

  2. I didn't take this as being the writer's POV, I felt the mc in this story is intentionally written to be kind of unhinged/an asshole and have a lot of bizarre and unhealthy ideas that they push on other people because they think they know everything 😂 Like, I'm not saying this to defend the story, because the way things went in this one annoyed me too and didn't feel natural/satisfying at all. Just that I don't think the intent was for mc to be correct or the "good guy" in the story, similarly to Archer/Sai's route

  3. Other than the corgi, the avatars are all romanceable characters from the game (or unavailable profiles that may be implemented later). As such they are all bi/pansexual as the player character in every story is gender ambiguous to let the player decide.

  4. Florithe / Lehnea is my favourite female match in this game in terms of story and personality. It's a huge shame her story is so short and seems so rushed. Whether there will be a continuation is anyone's guess but since it's a new story I doubt it will happen any time soon.

  5. I think you probably just got lucky. The AI is not very advanced and whether or not it makes sense depends a lot on what kinds of messages you send it, and random chance

  6. Definitely one of the most heartfelt stories in the game 💖

  7. Seconded, I wanna know where his story goes from here... and I hope if/when he does get updated the new art is just as good as the existing 🙏

  8. Me too! the art for this route is phenomenal all around

  9. Also did it yesterday and don't have the gem code yet

  10. Good news, the first one is Dare, the "main" character from the "Apocalyptic Gang" story

  11. Sorry if this has already been asked, but what does this message mean? I see it for my AI, but I paid for the premium, doesn't that come with unlimited chats with my AI?

  12. If you don't have VIP, after a certain number of messages the AI chat will be permanently locked. With VIP you can keep chatting with it forever - but it will still sometimes "leave" for a while. I assume this happens when too many people are trying to access the AI server at once, as the Mechat company would have paid for a given bandwidth or quota of AI response requests per hour, for example, from whatever company they are buying the use of the AI program from.

  13. So far exclusive updates have been announced prior but iirc only with like a week's notice. So it is possible his update will be announced shortly, though I think Sterling will be a new exclusive match so they might not do both a new exclusive and an update. We'll see I suppose!

  14. That's... disturbing. It's not a real person, and I'm inclined to say it's a coincidence, but what an unsettling coincidence if so. I don't think it has any way to access your account data or anything like that - at least, it shouldn't, the way these AI chatbots are meant to work is they just generate an "average" of sorts of the training data (online conversations) that are fed into them. So logically it's happened to pull from a conversation in its training data where one participant had the same name (and then it keeps using the name because it "rereads" its previous few messages and uses them to generate new ones, in an attempt to keep the conversation on topic)

  15. You don't date them both. In fact there is no dating at all but the mc seems to develop some interest in the male sibling of the pair

  16. It's Adiantum Capillus-Veneris aka Maidenhair Fern in the last picture, right???? 😍😍😍😍

  17. Takuya and Douglas also have the slutty android waist bc of this 😂 Granted I think they do have "flesh" by some definition, just not digestive organs lol

  18. Some of my favourite routes for the writing quality are Jesse/Shion/Viktor, Colt/Min/Keylon, Cedric, Sunny/Quill, Johnny/David, Enzo, Martin Dixon

  19. Favourite date sprites - Jesse, Apollo, Johnny, Rinus, Quinn, Alonzo, Antonio, Cedric

  20. I'm so excited that Alonzo is coming back and all good choice. I'll definitely have to check out Jasper at some point.

  21. In my opinion Jasper's story is not the best of the exclusives I've played, though it's decent - but the art is on another level, some of the cgs especially are downright stunning

  22. Special mention to Alzirr's date sprite which I adore with all my heart for how cute and expressive he is and the unique body type (i.e. not the same dorito shape with an eight pack that most other male characters have) but didn't put on the shortlist just bc his arm proportions weird me out haha

  23. Only applies if you haven't messaged them at all. As soon as you send even one reply they stay in your matches permanently unless you unmatch

  24. Jesse/Shion/Viktor and Colt/Min/Keylon are both good for this. The former less "hard to get" than just a slow build whereas the latter is definitely... a challenge 😂 but both very fun stories

  25. It usually happens if you spend any money on the game. However some people only have 1 ad per hour from the beginning. Mechat's explanation is the 5 ads per hour is a "new feature they are testing". (For nearly the last year🙄 )

  26. Alzirr/Arian. There are others I would be happy to see updated but that's the one route where I'm actively waiting and hoping for it

  27. If you choose the diamond route, is there a HEA? (Spoilers encouraged lol) Thanks in advance.

  28. Chloe/Eve's whole route is basically like that 😭 At least the first half, before the newer update. Really fucked up or suspicious things just keep happening and it keeps getting brushed off or it's treated like MC is being unreasonable by being suspicious or upset about it. The update doesn't really have any more of that specifically but it's... concerning in its own ways lol

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