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  1. Never understood what the object on the cover really was. That thing looks like some crusty toilet paper roll. That is my best guess

  2. It’s how minecraft renders stuff with details on them and then it gets confused with the textures when you are far away since you are viewing all of these tiny details from all at once. That is prob why it looks like some optical illusion that changes shape when you move your camera. You can’t really fix it unless you mess with the settings or install a mod that renders things differently.

  3. Idk why pepole dont use google for simple questions like that

  4. fun fact: if you want to destroy your hardcore world, you can throw ender pearls beyond the limit and continue forward (it’s going to be real messy beyond that point)

  5. why the hell does the iron door remind me of fat herobrine from these obscure animations from 2016 😭

  6. Barrack Hussein Obama is his full name, so I guess Obama’s last name is- *muffled screaming *

  7. fun fact: if you place a few repeaters and turn your volume to the max, you will get noise complaints

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