1. Im to drained and scarred to do it. I guess my life is over. I will never have the courage to do it ever thats the whole point maybe none of you Actually have agoraphobia than because it’s literally impossible. I don’t have any form of will power to do that when you feel like your gonna throw up every 2 seconds inside the house anyway. Leaving the fucking house? Yeah fucking right. Thought Id check this out for re affirming posts but I can not physically pit myself through “more hell to climb out of hell”. Nope nope nope. Thanks for re affirming my life being over 👍🏻

  2. When my agoraphobia was at its height, i couldn’t even leave my own bedroom, i would get daily panic attacks doing something as simple as going downstairs to the kitchen, at that point i was at rockbottom and felt like my life was over but it wasnt, my recovery all started with tiny steps.

  3. I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion. I feel this but at the same time I feel like saying housebound is no life at all is sort of harsh. I may not be living the life I want to live and wish I could go out. I would definitely say that even though I have been housebound for 12 years I have a life, even if its defined between the lines of my property and home.

  4. Apologies i didn’t mean for that part to come across as harsh at all

  5. Im awake at 5 am had weird anxiety i think all day i was at work felt my left hand go numb and the. I started spiraling than i stsrted having palpitations though i was gonna have a stroke i come home im so fuckin anxious i keep having palpitations i go to sleep wake up to having palpitations i have work tomorrow at 10am and im so fuckin anxious everytime i close my eyes it feels like im getting dizzy and im about to die i feel like i wanna throw up my heart feels tired over worked and i keep getting chest pain which worsens my anxiety i fuckin tried everything i stopped eating bad i cut off sugar junk food and anything processed i was working out for a good anount of time until i had a very bad panic attack at the gym because everytime i go there the light is so bright and it gives me more anxiety and i already feel depersonalized and that makes it worse so now i havent been working out im so scared to do anything im so fuckin anxious with whatever i do i feel like i have brain fog always feel dizzy im always on edge because of this feeling and im always nauseous and i always have thoughts of either self harming or harming others im like a burning fuse i just wanna be normal again its driving me nuts

  6. I remember being in this exact state several months ago what saved me was introducing a relaxation routine involving meditation & yoga. In the morning practice the 2 and it will wake you up and relax your body before going about the day, and then at night have a relaxing warm shower or bath and meditate followed by some yoga, this allows you to leave any anxiety you felt in the day at the door allowing your body to relax & recuperate, at the moment your holding onto that anxiety throughout the entire day and that withers away at your body making you feel all these uncomfortable symptoms.

  7. That would be a full body workout carrying that on your back haha

  8. Damn! Thats a hidden gem of a "civvie" figure base that I totally missed.

  9. Really surprised it a TWD figure, i collected a few of the original line and they were alot smaller and more posable

  10. That's a Fear the Walking Dead figure of Madison Clark from McFarlane.

  11. I get this, anxiety sufferers are 100 times more aware of there bodily sensations then an average joe, so you immediately notice the heart rate increase and because of anxiety you begin to panic about what this could mean what in turn only makes the feeling worse. When it’s obvious the heart rate increase is normal because of the physical exertion.

  12. wanker. you better start shitposting and get politics out of my meme subreddit

  13. Yoga & Meditation all with breathing excercises, it’s crucial to introduce a relaxation routine into your lives, do some relaxation in the morning with Yoga & Meditation to armour yourself up for the day ahead and then at night time, again practice some meditation & yoga this allows you to leave any anxiety at the door so your body & mind can rest.

  14. I hate Green and Pleasant as much as anyone, but 90% of the posts here are just ‘haha g&p bad’ yes, we know, find some new jokes

  15. calling g&p unoriginal when this post itself js unoriginal ack ack

  16. I could not imagine growing up in this modern world where corporations value clicks over the wellbeing of the people, having news so instantly available is so unhealthy, if you think back in the day the only way you have access to the news was from a newspaper nowadays you go on Snapchat to message a friend and instantly bombarded with fear mongering shite.

  17. Nearly all Halo subreddits have gotten stale, even

  18. i fucking despise these bots made my sad chronically indoors redditors, theres been many times ive seen posts from people generally looking for mental help and then some stupid fucking bot will respond with some utter crap

  19. Remember that your predicted thoughts lie, no matter how real they may feel it is not a fact, best of luck!

  20. So fucking painfully dramatic its pathetic, gamers take games way to seriously

  21. I always wonder what would have happened if you kill off Bonnie and then shot Mike ( like you could in the original Playstation version before being patched)

  22. Can we ban those fucking black coats already, they make you look like a pedophile

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