1. Hi from another knitter whose coffee table is covered in knitting tools and yarn 👋🏻

  2. I know how many shows I've been to and keep track.

  3. It’s not about show count, it’s about the friends you make along the way.

  4. Yes! There’s something about Trey’s sound on this song, that I love. Does sound nasty.

  5. Damn I didn’t know there was an actual official exchange. Got a couple styles I’ve just been handing out randomly lol

  6. Checking in from page side. To the man in the neck brace, I respect your style, nice moves.

  7. Look in the dashboard. I think it will be there later in the weekend. There will be a download code somewhere for each person in the reservation

  8. Also tried the number on the back of my wristband and still no luck

  9. Thank you everyone for the touching comments. It’s too hard to respond to each one, bc it hurts too much, but please know that I truly appreciate them. ❤️💔

  10. RIP Otis. In some pictures he looks a lot like my Ragnar. He passed last week at 14. Was there Dutch shepherd in him?

  11. We did a Wisdom Panel on him years ago, before Embark became the one to use. Said his dad was almost pure but not quite 100% border collie. And mom was German shepherd/black lab mix, but had some unrecognizable breeds that it couldn’t pinpoint.

  12. What if we - k I s s - On top of this hand, on top of this head ?

  13. There are some acrobat videos on my posts, I think if you go to my main profile they show up!! And the knife is Spirit, pale blue and grey little one!

  14. I’ve decided in my next life I would like to come back as one of your pet birdies 💕 I recognize some of your videos now! So fun.

  15. I had a dead frog at my door one day. Pretty sure it was my crows.

  16. 23, he had just turned 24. We grew up together but never dated until college. Still happily married, will celebrate 13 years this year.

  17. It’s instrumental but you might like What’s the Use. It’s one of my favorites, so pretty

  18. Trey Anastasio ⭕️ they don’t call him a Jedi for nothing

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