1. Eat a raw tentacle from a Portuguese man o war , catch it in the nearby Setúbal waters and put your tastebuds there

  2. There's something wrong here, Pao de ló as the Portuguese entry in this list. I welcome the person who made this to spend some time in Portugal and try to decide which desert is best!!

  3. What is Portugal's, bull fighter?

  4. Firefighter which is bs probably most searched occupation but not for the reason guy who did this chart thinks

  5. The ones down ( not the one on the left ) look like above average Spanish girls

  6. I think some of them are delusional being over 25 , sleeping with more than one person is an utopia usually virgin women are ugly women who are asexual , best is someone that has a low body count but good luck finding a attractive woman with 0 or 1 in her body count .Also having a career is a double edge sword for me is a metric to usually evaluate intelligence but also I want a woman who wants to have kids and build a relationship, career women for me are not a bad thing but they usually end up being more picky because they are good earners. Agree on the rest , men especially hate feminist women with attitude or high confidence / dominant which is more valuable for women and despised for men .Oh btw what’s wrong with makeup ? Don’t we like women who dress up well and are beautiful when meeting us ? The only downside might be seeing her without makeup after …

  7. Well speaking for myself but I think for many guys as well , having a girlfriend with no friends can be claustrophobic for you , but a girl with a very strong social life will be more likely to get bored of you and/ or cheat … best is her having a close group of friends that all have boyfriends and that are shy and don’t club at all

  8. Warsaw has good Italian restaurants but fast food pizza is not cheap and tastes slightly worse than in my origin country ( Portugal )

  9. Psg got a declining Danilo this guy was way faster and physical dominant when he played as a CDM in porto the season before he got bought , now it makes more sense to play him as a center back

  10. Me: “Ah good, Doctor Smith, huh? I can finally suffer that stroke I’ve been itching to have.”

  11. Well if the base of comparison are Philippino men and you are not being based exclusively on looks it’s a quite different scenario

  12. This is an easy way out for any guy who struggles with women so why not

  13. Unlike most Brazilian people think due to excessive meming the majority of Portuguese gold is from around the 2nd World war Era due to Jewish deposits

  14. Confesso que só conheço o Nuno Lopes foi comigo ao dia de defesa nacional

  15. Chance to win the trophy we won 20 months ago that your poverty league won once in the last 40 years

  16. If we count Europa leagues/ Uefa we have as much international trophies as you in the last 23 years

  17. Disliked this guy but both our mediocre fullbacks have been improving a lot

  18. Whatever you think of the show it has really nice tracks like khazad dum and numenor

  19. Não gosto de redes sociais o meu eleitorado só vê o preço certo -Santos Silva

  20. Têm um ar mais feliz do que os tugas licenciados em Portugal.

  21. Quando são jogadores de futebol milionários è fácil de perceber porquê

  22. È paradoxal mas quem mais quer as jornadas da juventude em Portugal são os velhos

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