1. This looks pretty cool and a chance to buy toys. Anyone else going to do this?

  2. I had never heard of it before so glad to hear you've done this. Any good points or bad points you'd like to pass on?

  3. You get to see all the letters. Some are hard to read. You don't have to fulfill the entire order. If you feel like you can fulfill something then get the letter as fast you can. You're supposed to wrap the gift and put it in a box and send it using usps. You get a qr code for the post office to scan. It's wiser to get something that fits a flat rate priority box.

  4. I don’t know why they don’t just pull everything out of season and send it to a warehouse and run deals for their online store to compete with Amazon. That would make the most sense.

  5. because their warehouses are also full. Theyre suffering from the whip effect of all the ships being late

  6. DM me your portfolio please, i'm looking for a logo also.

  7. that's correct. The money belongs to the estate now. Since she did not have a will, the intestate laws in your State will apply.

  8. Don't know about that. It's not like jeanist can make a heart using cloth. Bakugo has a really high chance of dying here.

  9. I can see best jeanist having an awakening and being able to control human fibers. Do we get an explanation on how he "died" and then became undead

  10. Pokémon cards are such a better investment than safemoon

  11. pokemon cards, liek every other hobby are plumeting right now

  12. are legos plummeting too? i heard those hold value pretty well.

  13. Even with the goal of entrepreneurship?

  14. I have an entrepreneurship degree, my marketing classes were one of the best courses I took. Entrepreneurship is more about innovation

  15. You said your budget is tight in terms of advertisement. Would you be able to send samples of your jerky to relevant influencers. Whose your target market?

  16. Where can I find influencers for my business? I’m looking for motorcycle related YouTube channels.

  17. You need to start emailing the accounts on YouTube. They usually have a contact email on them. The email should be short and to the point.

  18. If you’re attending anime expo and are willing to pick this up then PLEASE PM me!! I will give you the money to pay for the item and ship it to me!!

  19. Going to my first AX this year and this sheet has been a lifesaver, will definitely toss a dollar or two your way!

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