1. You do realise that a 5950x wont get a higher framerate in gaming than a 5600x right.

  2. no but the pc itself will go smother since i have alot of stuff open at the same time as i game and since the ryzen 9 5950x has more core and threads will help me more with those tasks

  3. If you go above the 6750xt you will need a psu upgrade

  4. 6600non xt for 1080p or the 6700xt for 1440p

  5. how the fuck do you let a pc get this dirty? also whats that case and cooler orientation 😭

  6. Clearly go that way check the cooler master logo

  7. My guy, quora is one of the worst sources I can think of for this

  8. If only 4070ti had 16gb vram.. 12gb is a joke

  9. 12gb is fine, the price aint. Would have been the card of the year at 600$

  10. If you want higher framerate you need a better cpu. You could upgrade to the 5800x3d on the same platform or upgrade to the 7600x on the am5 platform

  11. Alway take the time to spread it out on a gpu

  12. but why would you compare it to a 3070 when a 3070ti exist?

  13. There is no socket so you will have a hard time

  14. M2, but they are prcicely shouldered. Good chance you buy some m2, torque them too much and crack the die

  15. 1440p ultrawide can be nice if you play multiplayer games like tarkov and cod

  16. 1440p ultrawide is less pixel to push than 4k so you get higher framerate, good for multiplayer games

  17. are you sure you are eligible for a rma we ofthen see people try to rma with one stuck pixel.

  18. Make sure it aint the gpu, wich I doubght it is and you are good bud.

  19. Like the others pointed out wer cannot know from the picture

  20. Personally would get something that is 165, normally you can oc the lg ones to 175.

  21. The game have a vram leak issue, personally I reload a save each time i get past 11,5 gb of vram used

  22. Why do you have a old 12core cpu with a week card how do you come t a build like that. Would be fine for productivity, not great for gaming

  23. Prettu sure that board dont suport rebar so will it work yes, will you have a good time... No

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