1. It’s gonna take a lot of Iranian dead to prove they really mean it this time. Saber rattling 101 at its best.

  2. There is no scenario where a strong Iran, under its current leadership, trumps a strong Israel under any leadership.

  3. Arm Iran and North Korea with what? Isn’t Russia begging, borrowing, purchasing and probably stealing equipment for their army at present? Aren’t they, the Russians, purchasing military equipment from Iran and North Korea? Q-How do you know Russians are talking bull? A-they’re lips are moving and they are making outlandish threats!

  4. If we send them it’s a fierce new step, if we don’t our support of Ukraine is a farce. Fierce new step away and damn the torpidos!

  5. Because we like to see the Russians get their asses handed to them. They deserve to be destroyed and it’s enjoyable to see their destruction.

  6. Anyone who enjoys watching people die is a terrible human being

  7. I enjoy seeing the wrong of the Russian invasion punished as it is because they act as animals with little to no regard for the human condition. You fault me because I prefer to see Russian destruction to that of Ukrainian destruction. Ukraine did not invade their neighbor and they are not acting like subhumans.

  8. That any Russian with a brain would lend credence to these talking heads is beyond me. I have seen the intercepted calls from Russian soldiers and family alike: they do not appear to believe these things and they are keenly aware of Putin’s need to win at the cost of any amount of Russian blood and Russian dead. What Russia needs is a person willing to take one for the team and take Putin out!

  9. I am a product of the Philadelphia, public school system. I attended an inner city, middle school in the ghetto from kindergarten until 8th grade. My school was an extended family of impoverished, unmotivated children who were dropped off or sent to school so the parents could be free of their care several hours a day. No one in the community cared about reading, writing or math. We did not discuss curriculum at home. We vacillated from teasing and tormenting each other to making friendships and enjoying our own company while at school. Education was never a part of school. I graduated with 1st honors from my middle school yet, I could barely read or write in the 8th grade.

  10. Merry Christmas/ happy holidays you wonder bastards kicking Russian invader ass and taking numbers. You are doing the world a favor and for this I salute you!

  11. Cheers to the 100K invader elimination goal! May they reach it soon and double it.

  12. The whole of this Russian fiasco was predicated on energy and the control of energy.

  13. So, it’s time to send in more cannon fodder in an effort to exhaust the Ukrainian ammunition so Russia can capture a tactically and strategically worthless node on a barren map. Nice. Putin you are an asshole. .

  14. The converse of this statement is that illegal carry and illegal weapons possession is for minorities.

  15. Nothing happens in a vacuum. So, what exactly was he doing to have the police there in the 1st place?

  16. In other words, “secure me the land I tried to steal from a sovereign nation while they are kicking my army’s ass and we are losing the war or I won’t negotiate”. Too stupid to know how real world wars are fought and how much they cost in lives, matériel and the geo-political machinations.

  17. Russian BTGs have ceased being used because they have ceased being effective because they have suffered severe losses of manpower due to annihilation by the Ukrainians. Easy, peasy lemon squezy.

  18. Invade and pay the price. Continue to attack after invading and pay a higher price. Claim land that’s not yours and defile a people and their culture and pay the highest price.

  19. Elite cannon fodder will wear the enemies supply of arms and ammunition down by absorbing it with their bodies. Next week: new elite troops will rinse and repeat.

  20. Grind them the fuck up and spit them out. Fuck Russia and their cult-like citizens.

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