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  1. Maybe that CTA L operator who says "Study smart, and you'll go far!"

  2. The bus driver who always gave my son little toys to play with on the long bus ride like play-doh or cool pencils. Jeez our city is dang kind.

  3. We’re you ever scared to take them to a dog park, either because you were afraid they might bite another dog,

  4. No, we go to the dog park nearly every day. She is very dog-friendly, absolutely not aggressive or a bite-risk at all imo. She actually runs away from any confrontation and comes to me instead like a baby lol like she will go to submissive pose immediately if she feels threatened and won't even fight back if a dog starts something with her, she drops toys instantly if another dog wants them to avoid conflicts. All the bones in her body are pure sweet and kind, her natural temperament is one of the best I've met. She's incredibly smart and picks up on cues when other dogs don't want to play with her. She simply leaves them alone to do their own thing, only plays with other dogs that have similar play styles. The other dog in photo is her sister who will play back with her like that all day, so she usually bears the brunt of it haha.

  5. I always encourage people to do this instead of bite work

  6. bump for visibility, got a feeling y'all are in for a 2020 style wildfire season.

  7. Mine was also like that :(. I did mix mine back together though. Not sure if they're all super old or if the formula is just prone to separation because I've never seen that on any other gloss I've gotten from Ipsy.

  8. Was hard for me between Purlisse, Grown Alchemist, & Hey Honey (my fave but I just chose a hey honey product last month?) Lol. Felt like I had a lot of hand cream already but I hope I get it in my bag still :). The dragonfruit feels like it'll be cute and refreshing for spring skincare for sure. There was a lot of skincare in choice in general so hoping that is how my bag leans in April. I was suuuper disappointed in my March gb.

  9. Oh god please no shampoo bar lol nobody vote for it I beg of you 😂

  10. I've used their shampoo bars before and every single one leaves my hair like straw 😭😭😭 even after using their conditioner bar & leave-in conditioners.

  11. Hydrocortisone cream, Alocane, triple antibiotic ointment, gauze, roll of bandages, Imodium, arnica gel.

  12. Life's hard enough for kids as is. Why make it more complicated with pronouns.....

  13. Honestly though. People say that kids catch on quickly but my son attended a pronouns workshop at his school and he did come tell me at home later that he found it kind of confusing, because besides just he/him she/her or they/them there's also some pronoun type that started with a z or x (he couldn't even remember those ones at all or what either meant) and that some people will be "gender fluid" and change their pronouns to a different one each day so he never knows which ones to use. Or "rolling" pronouns like someone using what you would think would be conflicting pronouns such as she/they instead of just using she/her. He's using enough brain power having to memorize multiplication tables in school & now navigating this is kind of unneccessary lol. Plus how are we cutting out music and art in schools but somehow funding and finding time for this kind of thing? It's frustrating as a parent.

  14. Funny how truth hurts so much we get downvoted. Most likely from folks who don't even have kids.

  15. I wonder how many have kids themselves as well because they're not even trying to be understanding or compassionate. Mine has learning disabilities and is it at a social disadvantage already. No one cares about him being confused easily, they'll just dogpile him for being disrespectful and uncaring if he forgets that Jenny was he/him yesterday and the entire month before that and is now she/her today. Can't even express his genuine confusion because it doesn't fit their narrative of "kids learn so quickly they're such adaptable little sponges so give them all the conflicting info we can it'll be fine and not add any stress to navigating social situations at all!" Ffs. Apparently you're only allowed to share your experiences and struggles if they fall in line with popular opinion.

  16. I am not even a little bit bitter. In fact I am quite happy with my life, income and employment. Lazy people like the one I replied to always want to blame someone else for their own shortcomings. Amazon, government, “wokeness”, liberals, conservatives etc.

  17. There are thousands of different skills you can learn to increase your earning potential. Problem is you don’t want to, because sitting on your ass and bitching about a broken “societal model” on Reddit in the middle of the work day is much easier. The system is the system. “Techbros” are not the reason you are broke - you are.

  18. And you're on Reddit in the middle of a workday bc you simply work so much harder at not being broke than me. I can see why tech companies are pushing so hard for return to office tbh I personally know plenty of their WFH people are literally just jerking off on Reddit multiple hours a day pretending like their productivity is so much higher at home 😂.

  19. Surprising how many residential areas don't even have sidewalks in Seattle and you will still see these 😂

  20. You did the right thing. Good job setting the best policy precedent in your marriage.

  21. Nashville is a cute quaint city.. but a lot to be desired.. id get so obese eating bbq as well.

  22. I'm moving to Seattle in about a month and I picked it because of the grey and rain. I'm from somewhere where it's a very hot summer 7 months out of the year and has been suffering from drought for about 15 years now. It's still rainy and cloudy up there right? I do not want to move somewhere that's just going to be sunny more than half the time.

  23. I've lived here going on two years, starting in October 2021 it literally did drizzle rain seemingly constantly until about early July 2022 when we got our first heat wave but then October 2022-now has seemed much much less wet and cloudy (more mountain views, but more likely to have an even hotter and drier summer now, which means possibly worse wildfire season from my understanding) so I think it'll vary.

  24. the 4th movie was a bummer in so many ways. fleur was supposed to be ethereally beautifully, cedric supposed to be super handsome.. etc

  25. That's awesome! Hope you share some before and after photos of both exterior and interior.

  26. I like a lot of this but I'm staying skipped. Hope I can get some of it as add-ons from base bag though :).

  27. I don't think this is the least bit funny, but I will just say I'm impressed with the level of trust to just eat something he handed you without looking. It might be because I have little kids, but I would never. I check my coffee for toys if I've set it down and walked away for a few minutes.

  28. Ugh fr!!! Gotta make sure there's no drool on it or who knows what else.

  29. I could get over it. My issue at this point is that he's now turned it on me, which equates to manipulation and an inability to take responsibility

  30. My boyfriend and I went backpacking and camping last fall at the Adirondacks. It's my first time backpacking for two days 🎒 at the Adirondacks, and while the trail to Avalanche Lake was extremely difficult, it was well worth the beautiful nature and scenery. It took my boyfriend and I four hours each to get to and from Avalanche Lake due to my fatigue, inexperience, hunger, and dissociation from my mental illness. I also had to readjust my backpack several times throughout the hike, which also sucked since it was made for guys. The designers of the backpack didn't consider that short girls would backpack too, but considering the backpack was a free rental, it was okay.

  31. I'm so glad you had a successful trip. What beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. I'm originally from the Adirondacks and am moving back to the East coast soon. Getting so excited when I see pictures like this of my home range 🥰.

  32. Not even baby, more like baby doll. Babies are usually allowed to touch the floor and explore to an extent. Sounds like this dog probably doesn't even know what grass feels like.

  33. I mean some parents are like this with their actual babies too and it's honest pretty neurotic and mentally tiring for a baby to grow up with that overbearing of a parent.

  34. Wow this owner needs actually therapy, not just a therapy dog but didn't give birth and feed this dog yourself how are you that delusional that you can't be apart from them at all. They lived without you just fine before you bought them, chiiiill.

  35. If you are failing interviews that is a different problem entirely

  36. Lol then you're not faking confidence you have actual reason to be confident.

  37. Oh, no, now the whole world will know GSDs are the cutest dogs alive 😂.

  38. Unless you really are that active in your day job such that she can constantly trail around behind you, be sure to teach her that off button.

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