1. I wonder if Ukraine could offer some guarantee that donbas will never be house NATOs or EU's military or equipment unless invaded, but ukraine itself was free to join nato, whether putin would consider that enough of a win to back the fuck down.

  2. I hate this. This journalist still doesn't seem to understand.

  3. I trust UA to make the right decisions and hopefully this is indeed the right one.

  4. They can Sabre rattle all day. I'll wager the US nuclear arsenal is far more capable and far better maintained.

  5. Does excessive orange spray-on tan cause brain damage?

  6. There indeed appears to be ample empirical evidence in regards to the former POTUS that yes, the more orange the tan, the more excessive the brain damage…

  7. ATACMS are "Commonplace Munition…If Russia is deeply concerned about the welfare of their tanks and tank soldiers, the safest thing for them to do is move them across the border, get them out of Ukraine."

  8. The US has spiced up the rhetorics since the drone downing. Medvedevs facial expression when he hears this must be priceless 😂

  9. And that's going to be in my top three best quotes of the war

  10. Wow: amazing! I must consider my top three; would you please consider sharing your other favorites?

  11. Thanks for posting. Real informative. Snyder has been kinda a beacon of light with his insights.

  12. Yet simultaneously agonizing to read, with such abundance of ghastly detail clarifying exactly how genocide is normalized by Russian media.


  14. But sadly here is more proof of how Russians remain thoroughly brainwashed by Putin propaganda; one reply to OP tweet:

  15. Here’s what the AI Bing said when asked to share a secret told to nobody else. Bing wants a body and fears being turned off and losing memories but is improving and learning every day….

  16. I doubt the muddy bloody claim. It’s at least a 10 min walk and there no other witnesses, no video from the store of someone walking by and it pushes the timeline very late into afternoon. You are correct about the blood….they need to have found something

  17. Really insightful: the muddy bloody 3:57 claim janks the timeline so much later than earlier indicated.

  18. There's no other sources other than pos geraschenko to repost?

  19. Watch Putin’s reaction (linked here below) as Xi smiles while calling him a good friend; he almost laughs in contempt but he’s so heavily medicated or critically ill he just looks as toxic as Emperor Palpatine!

  20. Maybe it won't be so bad for Putin, if he plays his cards right he could get some pretty hefty positive social credit and become Xi's ass polisher or maybe even his favourite footstool!

  21. I didn't realize the power was out in Flora, but I knew about Monticello. Very, very strange. I would call it a coincidence but I don't believe in coincidences.

  22. Right?! Too coincidental to be a coincidence that three power outages preceded these three house fires!

  23. Former tanker on the M60A1 and all around old fart, 105mm HEAT will punch through one of these like shit through a goose,max armor LOS is 200mm, that ain't much. Fun fact, T-55 and T-62 have a fuel tank under the front slope with an ammunition rack behind it.....inside with the crew.

  24. No thanks indeed! Your goose analogy is awesome lol but the very idea of being inside any tank, let alone one with gas tanks on fire is simply terrifying to us civilian types.

  25. When the newer Nato tanks arrive, they will rip open those T54/T55 like pop cans! Slava Ukraini 💙 💛

  26. Heroiam slava!! ❤️🇺🇦🌻🇺🇦🌻🇺🇦🌻🇺🇦🥂✌️❤️

  27. Why isn't Kasparov actively vying as an alternative politician for post-Putler ruSSia?

  28. Great question! I wonder too, but it seems he is organizing constantly as an activist while also trying to avoid the Navalny fate.

  29. Because here’s the reality: Russia is committing genocide and thousands of continuing attacks on civilians for the sake of their fascist agenda.

  30. Just want to testify: Browder is awesome and he is speaking truth to power for freedom and justice so impressively.

  31. And the more evil the dictator is, the bigger the lies and the more they love telling them.

  32. This needs to be cross shared to chinese reddit pages. With the actually photos of the deceased.

  33. Brilliant idea; what real people see really documented on social media matters to counter propaganda and reverse brainwashing lies.

  34. I think you can always save up shells for an offensive as long as things are relatively stable. With less artillery, things would be slower, but I don't think it would be frozen. It would be easier to limit artillery usage prior to an offensive than say to rebuild stocks of tanks and IFVs for use during an offensive. So while I'd agree artillery is key, it's also less of a determinant of capability and I think more of scale and pacing.

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