1. Didn’t Jesus have something to say about performative prayer…

  2. Indeed Jesus does say to pray in private, never for public performance like hypocrites:

  3. I don't think The Onion covers CPAC. There's nothing they could write that would be so absurd that it couldn't possibly be real.

  4. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this, but it’s too true: truth has become far, far stranger than fiction at CPAC.

  5. Chalyi, Ambassador to the US from 2015-2019, makes this call to action for long range HIMARS from Biden with this reasoning:

  6. Let us not forget what is really happening in the fields of Ukraine and what Russian barbarity really means for Ukrainian farmers:

  7. Lala has stated that she will use a P.I or run background checks on anyone she dates moving forward, since Randall was such a creep. I’m wondering did she really not know stuff about Randall? In the LA Times, she gave a statement saying Randall wanted 14k for her to sign an NDA in the beginning…she said she walked out, but she went back later. Also, the whole exchange of sex for movie roles, isn’t that how they met? I’m thinking about her conversation with Stassi at the hair salon…I can’t remember fully.

  8. Amen!! Anyone who hasn’t read the LA Times article on Randell: you are in for a treat.

  9. Don’t forget how Elon Musk threw a hissy fit and called the leader of the rescue a pedophile because they didn’t run things how Musk wanted them to

  10. Musk called this heroic rescuer “pedo guy” in a tweet but then testified in court when he was sued for defamation, saying it’s a “common insult” that did not imply pedophilia.

  11. Fascinating, insightful analysis here of how prophetic a 33 year old Soviet film has turned out to be.

  12. Fascinating, insightful analysis here of how prophetic a 33 year old Soviet film has turned out to be.

  13. Here is the saddest truth of Putin’s invasion: the many millions of families and pets dead at worst and scattered, displaced and traumatized at best.

  14. Controversy surrounding Amnesty International’s report on Ukraine continues to foment; the OP article claims:

  15. The film is deliberate satire of the novel that backfired to the degree that you see a redditor quoting the film because it made Fascism look cool and they can't even tell it's Fascism.

  16. Starship Troopers is the most brilliant movie ever made exposing how propaganda operates and flourishes.

  17. For serious discussion of the issue with the Amnesty International report, see this thread from earlier today.

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