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  1. Remember Raja Koduri leaving AMD because "They don't had the money potential of Intel"? Feel old yet?

  2. Raja is just the biggest unlucky guy of the tech industry 😅

  3. Have you ever crashed a render because don't have sufficient vram or ecc? want to lose a day or a month of work because of it?

  4. Yes I was using a gtx 960 that had 4gb and it was a pain to render in Redshift, so I got a 3080 12gb because the problem wasn't the gpu but the lack of vram. Actually I'm advicing the op to go for more vram as a priority. He is starting so he doesn't need at all a quadro, or much more than 12gb of vram. And man please don't be such a lame ignorant, even Nvidia has a channel devoted to show how the new rtx 30 series cards are amazing for content creation...maybe you have better idea than Nvidia or the thousands of 3d pros using the "gaming" GPUs eh? Quadro line is just for CAD and industrial Design workstation and that's about it. For 3d software related to entertainment in wich ultra precission is not needed at all then you don't need those expensive drivers AT ALL.

  5. Reach me when a cosmic ray just change a byte on your vram and you lose days of work because don't had ECC.

  6. This was the most boring drag racing that I ever seen 😒

  7. I’m gonna be getting 2x16GB @3200MHz from TeamGroup and for my drives I’m getting a 256m.2 for my boot drive and a 2TB m.2 for my storage

  8. 2400 sticks are generally half of the price of 3200...

  9. Am I going to see much of a difference? I was under the impression that you want to have the highest MHz your board and CPU can handle. I’m getting a Ryzen 5700G because I can’t afford a GPU

  10. I have a 3950X and a X370, even with 2400s this CPU can make 120+fps on most of games, but I only use 60, so I don't care...And the biggest difference you could see on a iGPU isn't the memory speed, but is the dual rank and dual channel.

  11. Stock? this same engine is in McLaren F1 and have 618hp...

  12. Not the same engine, the McLaren F1 used an S70/2, this is an M70. Closely related but a difference of about 300HP and a litre of displacement between them.

  13. Same block, bored cylinders and DOHC heads, nothing else.

  14. take the ring without authorization, walk some meters and return it having no authority to do that = robber with return.

  15. you have no idea what you're talking about, and "robber with return" is not a thing anywhere, its not even proper english

  16. Go fuck yourself, is this a proper english for you? I'm not native speaker.

  17. had no idea this existed, I love it

  18. It looks like someone cross bred a Malibu with an AMC Hornet.

  19. Or a Opel Commodore A with 70's Chevelle front end, but have the same size as a Chevy Nova.

  20. Envemo is similar to Yenko and Shelby, but in Brazil.

  21. Fascinating! Since I'm in the States, I've never seen this car before.

  22. Well, is the most imported Brazilian car to States right now 🤭

  23. Crazy! I'm a bit of a car nut and I've never seen one of these before.

  24. Follow me later, I will follow you back and show you cars you never heard before.

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