1. my bad y’all, got the car on jack stands and followed the wire, it was on the opposite side to the wiper motor at the firewall! I guess that’s why google wasn’t helping me, aussie market 240s must have been set up a little differently?

  2. The electrical connector should be near/on the firewall around the wiper motor. The actual sensor may sit near the cat, but if you simply follow the wire you'll easily find it.

  3. thanks man - googled it all arvo yesterday and couldn’t find an answer, probably more a testament to my research skills than the quality of info out there

  4. use the side of your finger to barre if that’s an issue, don’t use the palm side

  5. The issue lies in every way the finger is placed. Actually more so on its side.

  6. can’t really say for sure without seeing your hand. That said, I’m a guitar teacher and i’ve yet to meet a student who had a physical idiosyncrasy that couldn’t be worked around. Feel free to DM me if you like

  7. god these threads are always filled with the most self righteous losers. “iF YOu dOn’T wAnT tO gEt CaUgHt DoN’t BrEaK tHe LaW!1!1!” How about a bit of fuckin nuance? Drunk driving is obviously shitty, I don’t flash my beams because I wanna help out drunk drivers, I flash em because there is an inordinate number of weed users on the road who could lose their licence for one joint a week ago, myself included.

  8. Try Unplugging the MAF sensor and see how it runs. I had a similar issue with low rpm and running rich. If the car idles good with the MAF unplugged, it's bad. Could also be the oxegyn sensor.

  9. started it up, unplugged the MAF and engine died, but it did run a little nicer when I started it again with the MAF unplugged. The timing was way out so I fixed that up and idle speed is back where it needs to be, but I’m gonna give the MAF a clean and see if that fixes my economy issue

  10. im so lost! this joke has gone over my head too it seems 😬 someone care to catch me up? haha

  11. you’re gonna need a tone-pick if you want anything halfway decent, tone pick or no pick (tone pick) Ok?

  12. Apologies, but what song is this?

  13. As a woman, I’d personally be upset with less than 10 seconds…but that doesn’t give her the right to slap you either. Definitely something you guys should sit down and discuss & ask if she’s happy with your guys sex life.

  14. the amount of time he lasts should not remotely even be a factor you address here? He was having sex with his partner and she hit him - telling him “oh but as a woman i’d be upset with you too but she shouldn’t have slapped you either” creates a really shitty false equivocation. Only one person did something wrong here and it wasn’t OP.

  15. As a touring musician with extensive live experience playing in hardcore bands, I’m inclined to agree. The Tote is never gonna be the domain of pub rock covers bands playing Dragon songs, and unfortunately starting out, playing live shows is always going to be a labour of love. If bands were played accordingly to the time spent on gigs, you’d be looking at 300ish per band member per night, which for my band adds up to $1500 bucks. Now factor in that there are hundreds of bands in Australia, all wanting to play at certain venues, most of whom won’t draw anywhere near the amount of people to justify a $1500 guarantee, and who would play for a few free beers and some petrol money, and you have a huge issue.

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