1. This orioles are good take is shit. The orioles are not trying to win. We are. We made big signings. Look at our payroll and then look at theirs.

  2. The orioles are already scary, the rays are always good despite having the payroll of a barrie coffee time and the Yankees and red Sox will always spend. If we want to capitalize on this window our FO is gonna have to fix a lot of holes this offseason and open the wallet up again.

  3. IIRC Springer makes close to half of the O’s payroll himself.

  4. Why do we want a dude who gives his owner the ultimatum of, "It's me or the Head Coach and GM." Imagine if he was here and he said that... "It's either Me or Nick Nurse and Bobby Webster/ Masai Ujiri."

  5. Ya my thoughts exactly. The idea of landing KD was really exciting at first, but the more this drags on the less interested I am in acquiring him. Theres already loyalty concerns which make depleting your assets risky, but his attitude and alleged demands are approaching utter ridiculousness.

  6. Sorry for the double comment, I jumped the gun a bit early lol! I feel like Amir has a case for top 13 or at least top 15.

  7. Honestly does anyone actually like any of the Sportsnet anchors or commentators?

  8. Rafa, he's not in Kansas anymore and it's not 2017-2021.

  9. The sample size with the Jays isn't big enough, and the sample size from 2017-2021 doesn't count anymore? Sounds like you just don't like the guy and are grasping at whatever fits your narrative...

  10. Nah I don't mind the guy, think it was a good acquisition, he's just not that good though and it's pretty lol some Jays fans are hyping him up as a good hitter when he has a .301 xWOBA over his last 1150 PAs.

  11. Well good thing we're about to get a pretty big sample size with Springer injured again.

  12. Meh. We weren't going to catch the Yankees anyway, and none of the teams looking up at a Wild Card spot did anything. I'd say, if anything, the deadline pretty much cemented the teams in playoff position. Only question is whether the Rays will collapse and let someone else sneak in.

  13. I mean the Mariners adding Castillo is a pretty big deal. With the current playoff format finishing in WC1 is pretty crucial, especially with Robbie Ray's vaccination status.

  14. In a vacuum we did a good job, compared to the other teams we're fighting for we did not do a good job, we really needed to get another good starter. Right now we're banking on Kikuchi getting good, and I don't like that gamble.

  15. My thoughts exactly. Mariners adding Castillo, Yankees replacing Montgomery and Gallo with Harrison Bader and Montas, Astros adding Vazquez, Mancini. Competing for a WS berth is going to be very difficult.

  16. I miss AA's balls to the wall approach. Doesn't always work but you can count on him to push the chips in when he sees the opportunity

  17. Wow between this and his baseball Savant page, Yimi has had a very solid season for us.

  18. Watched them play the Yankees last night. That team is legit. Young, athletic, well managed and seems like everyone in that bullpen throws 100+ strikes. Maybe not this year, but they'll be fighting with the rest of the division for a while.

  19. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and the boys celebrating in Boston

  20. Obviously Starting Pitching and Bullpen remain the biggest priority but the offense has also been inconsistent throughout the season. If we can cheaply add a switch hitting, high average high power bat to the lineup to DH, play 1st when Vlad needs a day off or fill in some stints in the outfield like Cavan I would be pretty happy with it.

  21. I think the big difference is that a package of Scottie and OG/GTJ is a lot bigger of a risk to give away than Demar, who the front office seemed to have long term concerns over, and Poeltl. Also at the time of the Kawhi trade we were looking at a potential retool or full on rebuild if we didn't land a star, whereas the future outlook of this core is exciting and hasn't proven its ceiling yet.

  22. Fred, OG, Scottie, Pascal and Timmy D would be the best defensive team in the league by a mile. Having Gary's scoring boost as a 6th man would fix a lot of the bench problems too. This team would win multiple chips

  23. How can the warriors trade for KD?? They're not going to trade Steph, Klay or Dray so the only contract that works is Wiggins and he can't be on the same team as Ben Simmons because of the Designated Rookie rule.

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