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  1. Feel like everybody starting out figures out about junk food real quick. And this is a cool junk food tee too.

  2. Yeah super true. I remember when I started looking back idk what I was thinking grabbing some of the stuff I would get lol

  3. It could be a bit newer than that. This tag ran in the the 90s and the other gildan that looks similar to this but has red was also ran in the late 90s. I think they switched back to this one and ran it up to 2006 if I am not wrong.

  4. Ehhh 500 doesn’t seem ABSOLUTELY insane to me. If I had to guess more like 300 to max 350 if you find the right person. It’s a really good one😎

  5. Why were all bar mitzvah t shirts size xl? Most 13 year olds are a medium and even that can be pushing it

  6. I’m more surprised by the quality of the print it’s actually pretty nice lol

  7. Seems to be a bootleg X-files shirt. Not sure what the language is but I see some tags like that from Israel a decent amount.

  8. Yeah I have the one streets run red spawn tee and that’s from 97 with that tag and with double stitch all around. Like someone else said this seems to be a boot from that time period. Also have a rolling stones that has the front graphic on it excluding the tongue logo👍🏻

  9. It’s people like you that make me despise modern medicine

  10. It needs a serious fucking overhaul. Ye should re-record all his vocals if this is what they sound like, or completely re-master them if they are actually clean. I don't see how any professionals could put this out. Even in a pair of shit headphones its issues are blatantly obvious.

  11. I really don’t think it is that bad my guy it sounds fine to me

  12. You probably thing McDonald's is Michelin Star cuisine too.

  13. don’t have to be all aggressive about it just tryna say i like it. you need to listen to the album more and get the message of love and positivity my brother

  14. I loved the movie I don’t think it was too preach at all, it sounded beautiful and the visuals were absolutely awe inspiring

  15. I'm glad people enjoy it but I really hated it. The first 6 tracks really let me down. The 6th track is probably the worst Kanye song I have heard. What makes you feel like its a masterpiece? I'd genuinely like to know. I really enjoyed Hands on & Use This Gospel though.

  16. You actually think Everything We Need is bad? I think it just has such a positive and peaceful message and actually is one of the better songs on the album. Especially with Kanye always having wanted more and it never being enough, it seems that he is finally content with his life and realizes how blessed he is to have what he has. I think this message is something we can all relate to to realize the blessings we have with the people and things around us.

  17. People need to realize that it is a gospel album. It isn’t gonna be bangers that you get hyped to in the car.

  18. Def was different from what I was expecting. At every point in the movie I was waiting to see when the plot would take off and thinking about how the stories would collide but it seemed like they never really did. Thought it was actually pretty cool how you kept trying to see where the plot would thicken.

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