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  1. People literally think Biden couldn't stop her from going.

  2. not air temps, those are laser thermometers, they measure the surface temperature.

  3. It's not a question of migrations, it's a simple question of a necessity of transportation! A 2 ton donut van would not carry a single 0.90 Oz donut!

  4. they are trying to separate gender as in the presence or absence of the Y chromosome from the behaviors associated with it.

  5. Why the fuck would Russia mine ares of the country they control! open your eyes and wake the fuck up!

  6. these can be useful. buy one and share it with your friends and neighbors.

  7. whats it called? a backpack? or a wagon? that doesn't use lithium batteries...

  8. get a roll of nickles if your a woman, make a fist around them with your thumb on the outside. educate your friend on the importance of keeping mind altering substances out of a developing brain.

  9. please, no. do not encourage this with bs 'make it a trend' journalism calling things a trend.

  10. Safe is a relative term. Plenty of people drink raw milk and don’t get sick, but it is way more likely to get you sick than pasteurized milk.

  11. milk needs to be pasteurized to be stored/transported. as for straight from the cow it is essentially kept clean by the cows immune system. so 'raw milk' within seconds is similarly safe to pasteurized stored milk of a couple weeks. but, after even a few minutes raw milk can begin to host dangerous bacteria.

  12. i believe most law enforcement have stopped doing this as it only entraps honest people.

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