1. Hello. Got standing room only tickets general admission, what does this mean?? Am I standing the entire time??

  2. I don't know these people. I'm sure each sentence is appropriate given the nature of their crimes.

  3. R.Kelly given 30 for Systematic Sexual Abuse on Minors. Maxwell 20 for assisting in a sex trafficking ring including minors

  4. No one wants to put on other peoples shoes. So to choose someone’s fate based on YOUR options isn’t fair to them. Pro-life misses the opportunity to fight for already born children and/or kids up for foster or adoption. Their lives are already in a state where they are not supported. Why make that the option if the family can’t then and there, take care of them? Because who else will take care of them?

  5. Barbs. Attacking people Nicki Minaj had beef with years ago. Attacking other artists for not doing collabs with her? It’s something new with them everyday

  6. Wow this is amazing, what instrument did you play?

  7. I used play Viola. I quit because my drive to continue died off during covid. We are often referred to “background vocals” of strings but the intricacies to be background is pretty intense at times.

  8. You played with the 2nd Violins then?

  9. I mainly was just in Viola section. I played once with 3rd violins because I was the only viola of my 8 people Chamber lol. But for the most part I carried on my own or in my own section.

  10. Whatever extra money you haven’t spent from your last check, put it into savings.

  11. People can die at any minute. Especially in America because Healthcare is so expensive. People pass off possible life threatening symptoms with over the counter medicine. But a headache could be an aneurysm but you’d think its a migraine.

  12. The thing about the soil is that my roots are all at the top of the soil, lightly covered to avoid a moisture trap.

  13. Last night would technically be correct if it is now the next day.

  14. You could say last night or early morning. Both would be correct.

  15. Technically if I have stems that are growing back, after the flowers fell off, I am succeeding at this Orchid game?

  16. Bro, I don't know if you are serious here but this is just wild.


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