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  1. If the transcript indicates that it’s online learning, it could pose a problem

  2. Wife had 176k graduated in 2010. We refinanced 3 times.

  3. This shit is crazy. Don’t let yourself get inducted any further into their toxic work culture.

  4. Do it man. Just remember in 2-4 years, time will pass and you will be a nurse or you won't, it's that simple. Would you rather be 40 and be a nurse or be 40 and not be able to help your mother.

  5. Right? This is great motivation. To be able to have a goal to work towards is amazing

  6. Really? I heard many were struggling to find jobs but I also live in a popular large city…

  7. What a cool space! It’s cozy yet a little grungy and modern. Love it!

  8. You know I used to use this same issue when I was a child (around 5-8) and I’d just get that feeling of fearful anxiety welling up inside me, sometimes randomly.

  9. Not invalidating how you feel at all because I know where you’re coming from, but honestly healing is the way to a better life in so many ways.

  10. He was like “Dave I’m running out of breath here. DAVE! Take the damn thing out!”

  11. I totally get this. I was left with my dad when my mum ran off with his friend when i was about 2. I hardly saw her for years. I live in Oz now, she came over from UK and told me to let go of the past hahahaha. Like you say wtf you have literally scared me as a person and now I need meds to be OK.

  12. Please keep doing this! I work with doctors and a few of them at least are super friendly and down to earth.

  13. I have several pharmacists in my family and they all say pharm is saturated, debt is too high and the pay isn’t worth it.

  14. Bro I'm going to be in my late 40s when I finish. It's not about how much you can work, it's how happy you are with your life.

  15. May I ask how you’re paying for school and life while going to med school?

  16. I worked and had savings, plus my wife works. I'm not going to say that I haven't had help or taken loans.

  17. My thing is I want to work in Psychology an the paths I’m looking at are Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Med School to pursue Psychiatry.

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