1. Did anyone else play the "Disney store game" as a kid? The goal was to sneak to the back of the store and back out without them greeting you. It was pretty tough. We used to set up elaborate distractions to help each other everytime someone attempted it. I'm pretty sure I only witnessed a couple successful runs.

  2. It pains me to watch the local anchors cut to "special DC correspondents" with exclusive interviews with Trump. They're just using it as a platform to pander to conservatives under the guise of unbiased local news. You can sometimes see the disgust in Kurt Ludlow's eyes when he has to do it.

  3. My two throat is engraved like that too. Assumed it was a custom job. Looks near identical.

  4. Have you had good experience with the dual throat?

  5. Mine came in great shape and complete with my bike so I haven't had to buy parts. My bike runs like a freight train with it tho. Definitely accidentally purchased a drag shovel. Stroked, dual plugged, dual throat. She's a monster.

  6. She is a beast! I’m trying to get her running properly, she doesn’t like to kick. I’m just a young guy without all the know-how to tweak these machines

  7. Start buying and selling parts locally. I was like you a couple years ago when I bought my shovel and met so many people through the parts market. Lots of grey beards with tons of wisdom.

  8. Ahhhh, that’s what it was. I remember seeing it on chopperswapper

  9. Fair mistake. Seems like everything on chopperswapper lately is a raffle. "100 Tix, $100 a piece for a bike worth $7000 tops"

  10. I asked Cedric on IG to design a tattoo for my motorcycle gang "The 25 Snakes". He has not yet responded.

  11. These bikes are bulletproof. My 50 year old CL175 fires up every year without issue and requires little adjustment to take short trips around town. How well does your 200 handle cruising at top speed? I can only go about 15 miles and then start to bog down. I let it sit a min or 2 and its back to normal. I've always heard float height for the issue but I've got them as close to spec as humanly possible. I genuinely just think these bikes can't handle sustained high rpms in top gear.

  12. The only one I have is nocto. I used to have de loused but sold it when cedz said it was unauthorized. I also have a bootleg I think that was sold as a radio promotional to my wife.

  13. I have the MOV amputecture. Would like to get a ced approved version, but waiting til I stumble upon one organically.

  14. Yes it has the glasses and everything! I love it

  15. So cool. I'll get it eventually. Bedlam's record jacket is a Ouija board and there's a bonus record that is used to read the board. The bonus record plays this song

  16. Love them scrambler pipes. I get so sad when people hack em off for their "cafe" bikes.

  17. Gerrymandering only affects representative races like for the House (state or federal).

  18. Democrats show up the Wednesday after an election to vote. Republicans show up to the polls every Tuesday to see if there's an election to vote in.

  19. $1000 for a 41 year old bike that "was running but now that you're here it isn't" seems like a lot.

  20. Ok. I needed to hear that from someone else. If I can get him to go down on the price I might take the gamble. Otherwise I agree with you. It's an old bike and not running. On principle I don't want to pay $1000 for a non runner because I won't be able to sell it for $1000 to someone else.

  21. Seller is asking $1000. Claims top end was rebuilt by a shop but no proof. Not currently running but was recently. New carb, not sure if OEM.

  22. Let me know where you end up on price. I'm a buyer. Would prefer a used/played copy so I'm not paying for the mint stuff. I will play it, believe you me!

  23. It’s a played copy! One disc has some slight warping if I recall correctly, but I’ll give it a play later and update on the price.

  24. Killer. If you got some pics of the sleeve and discs I'd appreciate them. I'm highly interested.

  25. I prefer PermaCoil spark plug thread inserts (and their excellent self piloting tap that doesn't require pre drilling), Kibblewhite valves and guides (iron for the street, NEVER any valve seals whatsoever unless converted to Evo oiling), .0015 intake and .002-.0025 exhaust guide clearance, Kibblewhite springs and retainers, stone finished seats 3-angle with .05-.06 intake and .07-.08 exhaust seat width, James blue Teflon head gaskets sprayed copper on both sides, and 55lb-ft of torque starting at the holes nearest the oil return and then moving in a star pattern, heads and cylinders both freshly faced, of course.

  26. Thank you for all this info. My next question was going to be what all should I be replacing while the heads are off and that covers it.

  27. Start with the leakdown test before you making any serious decisions. This will eliminate guesswork and tell you exactly what needs done when the time comes. Keep us updated, myself and the other engine builders here are always happy to lend advice.

  28. Pretty anticlimactic ending, but I vacuumed out the heads. Re-fitted the original plugs and did a compression. Sitting at 110 dry on both cylinders. Fired right up. Haven't had any issues since.

  29. I was thinking of going to a hammock setup this year and ditching my small single person backpacking tent.

  30. Splurge for an Eno tarp too. It's more expensive than a trusty blue one, but the weight and form factor make it a must for minimalist camping.

  31. The post-emo/punk scene has fallen off since the closure of Double Happiness :( All my pre-famous bands go to Mahalls in Cleveland and skip over Columbus. Big Room Bar sometimes gets them as well as Ace of Cups but not like Double Happiness used to. A part of me died when that venue shut down.

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