1. Bilkul milti hai bhai, kyon nahi milti. Dono ki do ankhen, ek naak ek munh hai.

  2. Why are we taking a conman's word for it? I mean he can be embellishing or lying. Maybe he's trying to scare off his other target ladies from coming forward as he can paint them as greedy gold diggers. I know he can be right too, but I'd like to give benefit of doubt to a rich, currently in-demand dancer rather than to a conman.

  3. And I was just thinking k meri mummy to itnay ugly sweater mai mujhe neighbours k ghar bhi na janay dain.

  4. C'mon how can you forget bhai also had domestic and sexual violence allegations against him as well? That too, by more than one woman. Aisi koi ladki paida hi nahi hui, jo bhoi ka 'me too' karsakay.

  5. My honest opinion- they wanted to movie like Andadhun but created the MESS.. such a worst movie...

  6. Andhadhun also had a great antagonist in the form of Tabu. Great evil characters can elevate even a mediocre script like she did in BB2 as well.

  7. This punishment certainly wasn't "quite effective". It took a functioning member of society and created a broken, traumatized, enraged, anti-social person who will likely never support or protect his/her community in the future. the USA is still making this critical and costly mistake. We take innocents and non-violent offenders and throw them into prison, where they are exposed to so much systematic abuse and torture that they come out as broken, antisocial, hardened criminals.

  8. I think the idea was more to scare other potential criminals rather than to rehabilitate the existing ones. Rehabilitation of criminals or addicts is a modern concept. In a lot of ancient societies, such people(if they didn't belong to upper class) were seen as pests or sub-human and were given heavy punishments for small crimes to set an example for general public.

  9. Maybe she started with ceo, then realized ceo will retire soon so she started with the son. Then came to know that son-in-law will be the successor so shifted her affections. Most probably she didn't even sleep with the accountant as he said he doesn't recollect the sex. She was just trying to score as many paychecks as possible before the baby's arrival.

  10. I don't want to disrespect sahms. But tbh, I've only heard these kind of statements from women who are sahms. Nobody else says it. Maybe that's why some of them have this need for acknowledgement. It's a tough job nobody's denying it. But you can't sh*t on working mothers to elevate yourself.

  11. Why is he actually wearing two tho? Does it really make a difference?

  12. I don't know about him but many drs in my team used to wear two masks when we were working in covid wards. N95 masks were expensive and we were only getting a new one after 10 days so we would wear them underneath and then a common disposable surgical mask over it. That way, we were able to replace the disposable ones very frequently as soon as we suspected it has became contaminated. While N95 was on our faces at all times in the ward for extra protection.

  13. Shraddha probably gets it from her mom. Her mom and her aunt look young for their ages as well.

  14. Apparently Kat tells him like it is and keeps him grounded. I think he needs to start doing the same

  15. A lot of people who do that actually can't handle any criticism coming their way.

  16. Great placement...both the questions on the books have their answer just slightly under them.

  17. I have a soft spot for this guy even after learning about his shenanigans. Maybe because he looks a lot like my younger brother. Including the dimpled smile and often dead looking eyes as well.

  18. You can search this sub. He had a rumoured affair with Suzanne Khan while she was married that led to her divorce. Also, he's rumoured to supply drugs to people including Gauri Khan, which apparently was the reason of his fallout with SRK. There maybe other issues as well which I don't remember rn.

  19. I don't think the universe is ready for it. It'll probably be a cursed movie.

  20. I dont think her husband converted as muslims are allowed to marry Christians and Jews and the nikah is completely accepted and valid (my cousin married a white Christian woman and she didn't convert and practices Christianity). Also, I think her husband is Christian (I am not sure though)

  21. Ummm...I just wanted to add this bit of info that only Muslim men are allowed to marry Christians and Jews. Muslim women aren't given this right. If a Muslim woman marries anyone from a different religion, the nikkah isn't considered valid from Islamic point of view. The reasoning maybe that a muslim guy's children will still have their father's name, while the girl's future generations will be counted Christians/Jews like their father.

  22. I mean...children can't even hold their necks till 3 months. This child will probably start doing somersaults by next week.

  23. after watching this clip, I had to Google Kat and her age difference and now I’m wondering what black magic prompted Kat to butcher her beautiful face. Just a 3 yr age difference and this stark of a difference.

  24. White people also tend to age faster. Even without her fillers, Kat probably would've looked older.

  25. I'm sure she'll be carbon copy of ranbir!! Like every other baby girl out there! Hehe

  26. It's actually a researched fact. That more than 70% of firstborn girls look like their fathers. It has something to do with the evolutionary aspect of it, like males preferred male children in ancient times for obvious benefits. So the girlchild, especially the firstborns mostly look like their fathers so that they can form a familial bond with them easily and protect them.

  27. I would have sympathized with Mr swati except that he's a completely heartless person himself. just a reminder this is the guy who gave a donation of one million dollar "bill" to flood relief collection as a joke. God bless imran khan and PTI but this guy is complete trash.

  28. His wife didn't deserve it though. His disclosure means they've been using these abhorrent tactics to control people for along time.

  29. All I say to you or anyone from somewhere like that, if your culture doesn't value you as more than a guys mattress and incubator, LEAVE, escape to somewhere you are valued as a person, leave all these preening little shits to their own crap.. these are not men, real men love and protect their families, real men would rather die than see their partners hurt, these dickless little pricks are barely humans

  30. Do you think all these women don't fantasise about leaving every single day of their lives? There's a very systematic patriarchial system here. Think of U.S. in the 1800s. Many women are allowed only primary, basic level of education. Single or divorced women are treated less than dirt. There is almost no dating culture, as majority of the marriages are arranged. So these women are bottom of the pile, or damaged goods, as everyone wants and gets brand new virgin girls. If a divorced girl works, lots of men creep over her and give offers of 'friendship', thinking she's an easy lay. If she somehow still manages to plough through her circumstances and raises up her kids, even their kids don't get marriage offers as girl of a divorcee is considered characterless like her mother. Divorcee is like a swear word here. It's better to be a widow than a divorcee here. They can't get a better education since they were never properly educated in their childhood and thrown into kitchens at an early age. Their inheritance is taken up by brothers or other male members. They are barely given any money except for groceries. Middle and lower class women are treated like cattle here. You don't know how lucky and privileged you are to even think that leaving is a valid option. If a woman tries to leave or even fight back, many a time they are physically abused or killed. Sometimes by the girl's own family.

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