Missouri Reps Just Voted To Completely Defund The State's Public Libraries. The new budget sets funds for libraries to $0. Library groups say the move is retaliation for suing the state over its recent book ban law.

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  1. At the beginning of each month I pick a new manga book and a 30 page sketchbook and the goal is to fill up each sketchbook before the end of the month. I had to burn through 5 pages today because I've been slacking but I'm glad I was able to push through and complete my goal. This page is my favorite out of the whole bunch.

  2. Today was the last day of my demon slayer study. Really happy with how this turned out. I haven't drawn many backgrounds so that was fun to try.

  3. You've got fantastic reference work. Now it's just a matter of building the brain muscles of doing your own. Imagine it like moving to a different position in the same sport. Your background knowledge will help but you'll still be a beginner in the new role. It'll take time and a lot of practice to do, but the more you do it the faster it'll catch up since you have so much technical skill already.

  4. With no ufc this weekend what's everyone watching?

  5. Celebrating the last few days of my demon slayer study. I've got 4 more pages to do by tomorrow but just about got it wrapped up. Next month will be chainsaw man.

  6. Thank you so much!! I'm kind of a stickler when it comes to eyes; even now, I know what I need to fix and adjust when I work on this more today! haha!

  7. When her power dampener was removed and she beat all their asses. Then the final scene when hes trying to convince her to not use powers on him and she just scorches him, really funny.

  8. See I didn't really like the final scene because she was so overpowered without the dampener that it didn't feel like there were any stakes. I actually enjoyed the first half of the movie much more.

  9. I kinda liked that. The big blowoff fight at the end of a marvel movie was getting a little stale for me so I enjoyed subverting it. I also liked that it made the actual fight an internal one and doing whatever you want because somebody doesn't control you anymore. Though it would have been cool to see Ronan get in a fight again

  10. Never in a million years would the concept of the library ever be created with today's government. Watching it slowly being dismantled breaks my heart. If it wasn't for the little library in my town, who knows how I would have turned out.

  11. Even watching the replays of that fight it's so jarring lmao. Here are 2 of the best low weight class fighters of all time in an ultra technical feint heavy first minute and Cejudo just pushes him down like he's gonna steal his lunch money and pummels him lmao

  12. The look on TJ's face after that will always stick with me.

  13. I find an artist and or writer I enjoy and just look for their name while browsing. I just get one copy, I'm not careful enough to where anything I collect would have value so I'm not too worried about keeping anything sealed.

  14. Man, no idea where this season will go, I'm really excited for it.

  15. You gonna make this a series and do all the x-men? Cause that'd be pretty incredible.

  16. I’m too busy working on my own book right now. This was just a quick break from that. I have been wanting to a Spiral piece though.

  17. Oh cool stuff. To both those. I remember a few of your inking pieces. Always cool to see your stuff. Keep em comin.

  18. Hell yeah, I was watching for when that would happen haha.

  19. sick as hell the details go crazy . I would just go back over the dark areas again and make them more opaque, like near his pants. Looks great tho

  20. Yeah I was having a tough time flattening it out for some reason. I went over it with a pretty deep B and it still wasn't flattening. I did some smudging, that helped but it kinda threw off the lead a little.

  21. I'm glad that he's pretty well regarded now, imo he's one of the best artists currently working in the big 2

  22. His figures are so just so incredible to look at. If I see his name on something I try to get it if I can.

  23. Exciting time for Women's FlyWeight. New champ, Blanchfield, Valentina is still a threat to most people, Santos even. Lot of exciting matchups.

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