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  1. They would, if the teacher was a man

  2. Meh he's probably a hero to white gangs and cos. He will probably need to do some 1:1s though.

  3. Well, they tried killing civilians, so... Success?


  5. I basically Paran phrase the comments here. "Hey you stop actually helping people! This sub is for complaining about the homeless not helping them. You're making me feel guilty!"

  6. Slightly OT, but a podcast I was listening to made a good point: soon AI won't be sentient, but it will be good enough that lots of people will think it is, and we are not ready for or even thinking about the problems that is going to cause.

  7. Don't waste your money. Go to code school. Get a hobby. Have a life.

  8. Great question, sounds like people don't have a good answer. Maybe this is an active area of research. Try checking Google scholar?

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