1. Why do people want Devin to play again? Did y’all not watch the feeds?

  2. He treated Amber like an ex-girlfriend he hated and was super misogynistic towards all the girls in the house

  3. There used to be a distinct variation in peoples financial class too and now everyone seems to be firmly middle class. It’s not as reflective of America as it used to be. Dreamz was one of the most interesting players to me because he was homeless. I want to see more firmly blue collar working class people play

  4. I hate watching everyone be nice. It’s unrealistic and paints a false picture

  5. Well when it’s a shorter season they need to have footage of strategy for that nights tribal so they can’t exactly stay out there for 12 hours when tribal is in 10

  6. What strategy? There was absolutely nothing to watch after that challenge ended

  7. Yeah I did and nothing happened. Karla didn’t vote for Cassidy and Sami went home cause he sucks

  8. I’m 23 and never had a bf. I worry that it’s cause I’m not anyone’s type or that I might be a 🚩

  9. I hate live tribal but it’s much better than what we’re getting now

  10. BB23 and oh boy was it a snoozer. Especially cause I have been a Survivor fan I didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say I was disappointed by the predictability and it soured my experience.

  11. Karla is the realistic choice. However, I would love a Cassidy win

  12. Fuck that guy! Either get with it or get out is what I say about my ADHD to friends and dates.

  13. BB23 was one of the first seasons I watched live and I found Xavier to be one of the most boring people on that cast. As soon as Tiff was evicted it was clear he was winning but even before that he was always a contender. He didn’t really do anything remarkable

  14. Scot and Hank can never be friends especially after AvX and IvX when Hank betrayed the mutants. Scot has always fought for mutant agency and Hank has consistently betrayed the mutants over and over again.

  15. Jesus Christ, they wrote Beast to be the biggest, most insufferable asshole during that time period and had him jump down Scott’s throat at every single possible moment. A lot of the X-Men were like that, but with Beast they went fucking haaard.

  16. And isn’t ironic that he’s now more militaristic than Scott now

  17. Camilla Cabello is definitely bullying all the black girls like she did with Normani

  18. Erika. She really balanced social and strategic play while managing her threat level well enough to be contender

  19. “You still don’t trust us” Umm yeah Steve remember when you kidnapped students from Xavier’s school

  20. Would love to see a male flirt his way to the million. It’s always been associated with female players but it would be interesting to see a guy pull it off

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