1. It's that Wexford's tail, or is Wexford just well endowed?

  2. Still not sure I get it, can you write it in more simple terms?

  3. Your Honour, I move to make Happy the intelligent elephant a person, and to remove those rights from

  4. Sorry baby, but the show is confirmed to be cancelled. No season 2 :(

  5. I want to vote you down. I want to vote you down so much. 😢

  6. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ But voting me down won't bring the show back 😭💔

  7. Play the G. Then play a sweep up to the B (from the A or Ab below the B).

  8. That Bb is going to sound pretty spicy in that key signature ;)

  9. And long notes. Long notes help build the muscles in your emboucher, like lifting weights in the gym. They also help build your core muscles that you use for breathing.

  10. Well, expect for those bits of Galway and Mayo. But let's not talk about them...

  11. Gay man checking in -- I don't look at women's boobs when I'm conversation with them. I do find it hard to not look at the guy's crotch, though. Maybe not while actually talking to them, but at some point I will have looked there.

  12. I'd be OK with that. Especially so if it were the cause...

  13. Why did Ireland export food during the Famine if the causes of the Famine were natural? It's like watering your flowers with your neighbor's garden hose when realizing your neighbor's house is on fire. At some point you're either actively complacent or criminally negligent.

  14. There is actually two variations of seasons in both hemispheres. You can go by the old school 'calendar' seasons we were all taught in school i.e. Winter = Nov, Dec + Jan, Spring = Feb, Mar + Apr etc. Or you can go by Meteorological seasons, which more appropriately match the actual cycles of nature.

  15. As a non Irish I'm going to just point out that there are really only 2 seasons: warmer less damp season and cooler more damp season. And only about a 15-20 degree difference between at most.

  16. How big would a lego statue need to be so you couldn't see the pixelation 🤔

  17. Alright, all the comments say Arbans... What is this, and does anyone know how one would access it

  18. Search "arban trombone pdf" and it should be the first result. Don't even need to download it and it's completely free. Very convenient, I use it with my online students all the time.

  19. It's also still published, so you can buy a copy from Amazon or thomann or wherever.

  20. Don't say anything to the parents. Wait until the parents have "polite company" and then come out with a "well, when my parents fuck, they are really noisy. It sounds like the elephants at the zoo sometimes. Or the ducks."

  21. For me, working from home really helped. No more stress from my commute, so no more waking up and instantly being down knowing I'd have to do that, twice.

  22. I love this new thing we're trying of pretending problems are absolutely unique to us and haven't been solved by anyone else, anywhere, ever.

  23. They aren't unique. They are just difficult to solve, especially in a way that keeps everyeone happy. Or, at least, at a similar level of seething.

  24. Take a city that's 1000+ years old and try to "urban design" it! Lol.

  25. Daa are absolutely at fault. I know people who were made redundant by them over the pandemic and although they were happy to take their money and go, a few of them were asking what will happen once the airport gets back to normal? They didn't give a fuck at the time, they just wanted to stop paying people throughout the pandemic. They had plenty of Garda vetted employees, ready to work but let them go. So they've nobody but themselves to blame right now.

  26. The vetting changed this year with the new EU times. It went from a 2 week process to a 3 month process.

  27. They didn't know that people will travel more once restrictions are eased? Maybe they shouldn't have laid off their workers if it's so bard to replace them... Greedy cunts

  28. They did, of course. They told everyone, especially the Government.

  29. I agree figuring it out on their own but of course apply for band either way! Always time to learn rhythms and such! The more the merrier!

  30. Absolutely. You learn so much playing with band. Best lesson.

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