1. I hate playing Ryu, his damage is obscene. One of those match ups where if you guess wrong 3 times you’re dead or close to death.

  2. thats what I like so much about him. I can change gameplans on the spot if I need to, if they’re bullrushing or patient I feel comfortable. The damage is pretty awesome, but he can’t get crazy damage off a stray hit low forward confirm.

  3. You got the read 3 times in a row, I’m just saying the guy could have mixed up his options. Like yeah once or twice sure, but three times shows he was a bit predictable. Still really clean gameplay on ur end tho

  4. King of Footsies is my favorite player to watch other people play, and my least favorite Cammy to fight against

  5. watching my own replays im like “haha, what an idiot”. But playing him is like “wtf I’m an idiot”

  6. Id try forcing an anti air. Get over the fear of getting hit. Just go into casual matches thinking "I WILL anti air jumps", and dont worry about other stuff for now.

  7. This is awesome! I’m a Chun li main, brand new. How would you counter this situation?? Nice moves dude.

  8. the game plan for ryu is to turn chun into a jumper. So if I were a chun player, id stick in the range of my normals because her normals stomp ryu’s every day of the week. And when ryu backs up just eat up space. Careful using slide because it’s whiff punishable/negative on block (if spaced poorly). And Mixup the approaches so the ryu player has a hard time defending them all (you want to overload them)

  9. No. It doesnt work like that, the game mechanics change drastically from game to game. I know because playing ryu in sf4 feels much different than ryu in sf5. The only thing that'll transfer or carry over is general fighting game knowledge, like footsies, fireball game, knowing how to do combos etc. But specific character knowledge? New game = new character.

  10. just keep it moving. Not every girl wants to have a foot difference in height. Just get your weight up (metaphorically, so work out, clean up nice, get your style right etc.) and date girls who aren't as shallow. I always found that girls with super specific standards or types are red flags in general, and they'll be eager to jump ship if they happen to fit the type better than you

  11. you can be vulnerable, like showing your doubts/fears/anxieties. But it has to come from a place of quiet strength if that makes sense, you can’t just be a mess crying and sobbing, then she’ll smell weakness on you and get turned off right away. And whatever you do, don’t share your insecurities with her, all it will do is just make her aware of them. (from my personal experience)

  12. No I meant like stealing your win when it’s like 2 inches away.

  13. yeah it sucked. But I chose the safe option of using ex fireball when I coulda done ex tatsu or donkey kick to kill so

  14. What outfit is Ken wearing? Is it the Monster Hunter one? Looks like Sparta from DMC games

  15. Makes it sound more cooler honestly lol, love the clip!

  16. i think flat silver chain would look better than the pearls. you should try it and see how it looks but i still dig the pearls

  17. I would fold the shorts once or twice to make them sit on or above your knees. And then switch to white socks to pair with the shoes better.

  18. i don’t purposely start a conversation with the intent of making every conversation sexual. I just start talking and then my brain kinda just follows wherever the conversation goes. And if there’s an opening for a dirty joke then just let that mf go.

  19. I feel like girls now don’t even talk for something like that, I’ve ran into very dry ones

  20. its all about tone and energy. Ofc there’s gonna be girls who make those kinds of jokes but regardless you can still create a relationship where your both comfortable. Best way to do this is just to find ways that work for you to relax, like for me I just talk about stuff im passionate about and it seems like all nerves and intrusive thoughts just melt away

  21. a negative and positive equals a negative. If it’s not a yes, it’s a no. Does that make sense? If you want to find out if someone likes you, just ask.

  22. play whatever games you think look fun to play. Learn how to defend yourself from jumps, and dashes and scrub killers alike. And then just start playing

  23. bottom, if they added some more mass to the bottom but not too much then it would be perfect

  24. if losing to a character that is weak makes you depressed, than competitive games or sports in general will ruin you lmao. Getting crossed by someone a foot shorter than you, being checkmated by a 12 year old, or losing to a "low-tier" character are all part of life and competitions. Get over it

  25. Thanks man! Btw do you just always neutral jump when Ken is running? Ken's run really bothers me. I sometimes try to react and do a sthp into run>shoulder but it's very inconsistent and he counters it if he does a crmk(i believe) after the run.

  26. if ken runs in your face or close distance you can 100% jab him out of it and get a small combo off it. Ken's step kick after the run is -6, so you can punish. If he runs from a far distance and whiffs the kick then you can whiff punish. And if he spaces it well you're plus at best

  27. I always just neutral jump when I start seeing him crouch for the v-skill. But I think lucia's slide would be a good answer to this, but obviously the best answer would probably to space yourself to make it whiff and then whiff punish.

  28. Sul4 says:

    Controlling the game is exactly as it sounds, the better player will win the neutral game more often than the worse player. They are better at placing their own buttons and leaving little openings for themselves to get hit while recognizing moments they can hit the opponent.

  29. So it's like reverse engineering their thought process. I do this sometimes, but I can only think calmly and ask myself those questions if the person I'm playing isn't able to throw enough at me to keep me busy. But when it's a high level player, I'm so occupied with defending myself that I can't tell whats happening, mental stack things

  30. I'll tell you something from the old school days. When Jwong was coaching his NY friends (like Art, Sanford, or Ricky) while up in Canada, you'd hear him say stuff like, "He's scared, go in". And I'll tell you, he was right every time when it came to how the person was playing. There's this feeling for the psychology of the player that JWong was really good at figuring out. When the person was playing scared, when they were playing frustrated, and how those emotions would change their gameplay.

  31. that makes a lot of sense, and very insightful. Thanks for your tips coach

  32. What do yall do in terms of working out? I go running three times a week and thats about it

  33. Lifting weights, basketball, and boxing. I hate running, good on you tho! Running just reminds me of the bad times lmao

  34. Warning: Smasher identified. OP is a known poster of Smash-related subreddit(s). Please take caution when discussing topics such as fighting games and daily hygiene as they are likely not experts in the subject. Thank you.

  35. unpopular opinion. Online events means I wont have to smell anyone's stank ass

  36. Thanks. So basically he could have hit any light button and interrupt the Lk between the non-ex fireballs?

  37. you would interrupt AFTER the fireball. If you press after the light kick you're going to eat a fireball into a HP DP.

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