1. I’m a man, after reading some of these “men can literally think of nothing or something super weird” comments, I completely zoned out and started to think, ‘Who the fuck writes elevator music and how much do they make?’

  2. Why the fuck won’t you tell us what you are thinking like seriously give us a clue so we actually know your into us!

  3. We are to shy and scared that we will fuck up so we just hope for the girl to make the first move or just leave us. An then we are sad that we are just some pussys and can talk to a girl.

  4. He said that the dummest thing it to think that the earth is flat.

  5. I was making a shitty joke about you saying "Oh so true" about someone saying the earth is flat, as if you said that the earth was flat and you said it was true

  6. Stood in front of me at a football game and started jumping up and down. She was facing me and not the games. I still remember those boobies.

  7. Man. Haha. All I could think after the dust settled was "what was she gonna do like 2, 3 months in if I didn't call her bluff and no baby coming?"

  8. 😂😂😂 it would be something interesting for sure

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