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  1. It does get better and the reason everyone hates her is explained as well.

  2. I just hit the reveal about her mom and that just makes me feel worse for her. It seems like everyone in the kingdom hated her from the beginning, even as a little girl, just for who her mother was! Even her dad treated her poorly because of it. To make matters worse, it seems almost justified that her mom was warning her not to trust anyone, because she's been attacked by various people for things that aren't her fault, and literally everyone wants to use her somehow. I really like the MC, I think she's super cute and funny and endearing, so I am NOT a fan of her dad, her stepfamily, the fairy and the witch, or the townspeople in general.

  3. I love misunderstandings. I eat that shit up with a spoon.

  4. NTA. Your daughter's fiance was bullying a teenage girl for being disabled. Stick to your guns, OP, no matter how much your older daughter whines, because this kind of ableism is just as bad as any other prejudice.

  5. If someone is body shaming you, you're justified in body shaming them. She shouldn't dish it out if she can't take it.

  6. Oftentimes there are other people around these conversations who are also in bodies similar to the ones you are saying negative things about

  7. It was in another language that most people didn't understand, other than the fat girl and her friends, and they started it, so OP finished it.

  8. I was at a pro-choice rally today and two different people insisted on grabbing the megaphone to wokescold the crowd and the speakers for calling the repeal of Roe v. Wade a women's rights issue when ackshully it's an "everyone's rights issue." Apparently advocating for women's rights is offensive now.

  9. Did someone else grab the megaphone and throw it at them? Because someone should have grabbed the megaphone and threw it at them. They bloody well earned it. Wow.

  10. This seems like you’re only talking about genre tv shows, movies, comics, and anime. Because people in the general audience have NEVER had a problem with funny females since the days of black & white tv like Dick Van Dick’s tv wife, Lucille Ball, hell women in Shakespeare’s plays were funny (yes I know they were played by guys, but that wasn’t Shakespeare’s fault just a thing of the times)…

  11. I feel like leading ladies in Shakespeare are more likely to be sarcastic and biting, like Beatrice or Katerina, than wily and witty (like Puck) or silly (like Bottom).

  12. People hate on Tanjiro for empathizing with demons when his little sister is literally a demon who had to be brainwashed into not attacking people other than him. Of course he's gonna empathize with them, the person he loves most has been put in that exact same situation. Nezuko could have so easily turned out like the villains if he hadn't gotten home when he did.

  13. This entire article is pointlessly wordy. He recaps Obi-wan, Star Wars fandom, and Star Wars production, all to say that Star Wars should try making new characters and getting away from the original stories.

  14. Star Wars as a franchise has always been for all ages, but primarily for kids. Even Lucas says so. I'm not sure why so many people are so insecure about it. There are other sci-fi properties out there aimed at adult audiences.

  15. I remember a kid in highschool told me that because he liked my Deadpool pin and I said "Saw me do what?"

  16. I really want to see an OP spear user! It's always bothering me these days that the ~King of Weapons~ since ancient times gets underappreciated so much for the sake of those over-glorified swords.

  17. You had me till the Rey thing. I'm so sick of people ignoring the actual arcs put into the movies to justify hating a character.

  18. She keeps going back and forth on it. She turns on Luke pretty damn easily for someone desperate for family, then she turns AGAIN on Kylo that same movie, and she ends the series alone instead of staying with the family she claimed to want so much. She doesn't seem to struggle with fighting Palpatine, despite him being her only living family. She has no problem kissing Kylo, even though he repeatedly hurt Finn, her supposed found family. She seems like a pretty flaky family member all around, for someone who wants it so bad.

  19. I think Nagatoro was a fetish thing. People liked it because it made them horny.

  20. THANK YOU. I literally saw someone on TikTok call themselves a better writer than JKR because they noticed inconsistencies in Harry's canon class schedule that they had to fix in their HP fanfiction.

  21. A character can be interesting and well written even if they have unearned strength, just like a character can go through a training arc and be poorly written. Everyone harps on Rey for getting too powerful too quickly when the actual problem with her is that her character lacked any sort of consistent development, just like all the sequel characters. If she'd had a consistent arc with consistent themes and a planned out path, she could've been a good character. She could've struggled with something other than training, had more of an internal journey than an external one. As it stands, she barely has an internal OR external journey, and that's why she's not a good character.

  22. You've put it into words!! Thank you for pointing this out so eloquently because it bugs the shit out of me but I could never fully articulate why. Gay stories are all about men but lesbian stories always have to have prominent male characters and it feels like they're saying that women have to center and prioritize our relationships with men even when we're not attracted to them. I've been the lesbian with a straight male friend who springs his feelings on me and it's not cute or sweet and the friendship never survives him dropping that on me.

  23. I like the contrast between Manon and Pandemonium. Manon is crazy, but in a "broken bird" sense - she saw her mother get killed in front of her, then was burdened with excessive expectations and looked down upon by the people around her, while having no way to escape. She's still a crazy villain, nothing too original, but with a reason.

  24. I think her vaguely remembered reason for hatred implies that she hates the people of this world for how they use, discard, and forget Lost Ones. I think the Ivory Hero must have been a Lost One, too, if they could trap Pandemonium in a prison of that scale for a thousand years. Seems like a Pure Concept to me.

  25. Um, dude, the reason all the villains you listed are incompetent and can't manage to kill children is because you are watching and reading children's media. It's no fun for the kids if the kids can't win against the bad guys. If you want competent child murdering villains, consume adult media.

  26. There are two cases, when I experienced something like that

  27. I'd argue that Adrien is the creator's pet. Marinette is always getting told by Tikki or other characters that she fucked up and has to make amends, even in situations where she was justified in reacting badly. In contrast, Astruc literally said "Adrien is perfect" and has no flaws, even though he's a doormat who defends bad people and always expects Marinette to be the bigger person and suffer in silence while she gets bullied by Chloe or Lila. He's also really entitled and pushy with Ladybug as Chat Noir and keeps throwing tantrums and refusing to cooperate with her when she rejects him again or when he isn't told as much as her.

  28. I’d say Adrien serves as “the Prince”/“The Girl” the protagonist has to save and revere.

  29. Marinette gets punished by the narrative and frequently faces bad consequences for her actions. That means she's not a creator's pet. The show focuses on her because she's the main character and it's called "Miraculous Ladybug." Chat Noir is functionally a sidekick, because he's usually less useful, throws tantrums and occasionally threatens to quit if he doesn't get what he wants, frequently gets incapacitated by the akuma of the week, and often has to be rescued or even defeated by Ladybug while she does all the work.

  30. YTA. I've read your letter carefully and didn't see any indication that your stepmother is actually trying to replace your mom. In fact, she seems to be trying to have a relationship with you because you are her husband's child, she loves him and so she tries to love you. That's what people do for people they love. They don't go out of their way to hurt them, avoid them and isolate from them.

  31. She said that she's trying to be a mother to him. OP doesn't want another mother. I somehow doubt that he's always respectful to her, but if he's telling the truth, then he's not in the wrong at all. In fact, the dad seems like the AH for taking his stuff and removing him from grief counseling.

  32. You saved those girls from what could have been years of verbal abuse and a lifetime of emotional issues that would result from that. You are a hero, don't ever let them tell you otherwise. And I'm so sorry about your kitty :( your ex is just dead weight, though, and you're better off without him and his awful family.

  33. I always hated that they were basically forcing a child to become part of the Mafia. The mafia that kills people and deals with dirty work, Tsuna is like 14 a child. And they are basically forcing into a position he doesn't want

  34. Well, I figure it was parodying shonen where the kid wants to be a part of an organization that is violent and kills people, like Naruto or Hunter x Hunter or Black Clover.

  35. I'm gonna go ahead and say ESH. You for being pushy, feeling entitled to her things, and unnecessarily rude, her for being cruel, bratty, and trying to fake being close to you for her own benefit.

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