1. Not only on breast milk, but has been identified inside unborn babies. So it travels around in umbilical cordons too.

  2. Scientists tried to do an experiment on the effects of microplastics in the human brain. They couldn't find enough people without any to make a control group

  3. Oh, I remember reading that one! They searched even in remote areas, assuming that plastic travels mostly by people but nope. Now I'm sitting here thinking in two topics:

  4. There's a lot going on here, but I'm concerned that he thinks people use a unit of length to measure gasoline.

  5. Maybe not people, but some cars make the math, so you can read that you have "XX km worth of gas".

  6. I like your living room, column and all. But the down facing telescope made me wonder what's looking at.

  7. not spying on the neighbors just trying to see what the Art museum nearby is up to lol

  8. Has anon ever seen a boar in real life? Honestly not surprising to find all that.

  9. Those bitches will kill you and your family if they are given the chance.

  10. I like watching trapping videos of them. They're one of the few animals that I don't feel bad knowing they will be killed.

  11. This is not the type of equal treatment I wanted.

  12. It was supposed that we would get rid of that virginity concept all together, not join older creepy men to enforce it.

  13. Honestly it would be very funny if we found out that microplastics actually caused no harm to us they just accumulated in our body. The amount of discourse and infighting would be CRAZY

  14. Lol "cul-de-sac" sounds like "ass of balls" in portuguese

  15. This is wrong. 212 degrees is the natural boiling point decided on by Poseidon himself. 100 is just some man-made convenience.

  16. I wouldn’t mind that. You know no one is ever going to build there.

  17. Seeing how close is the house to the graveyard, I'm sure it was build on a no-longer-graveyard-plot.

  18. I feel like I'm falling for a joke here but...

  19. Oi mate! If it's not too late to ask, what GPU handles this super sized screen?

  20. Don't know about you guys, but sometimes trying not to be sexy can be more sexy

  21. They used to be in lingerie on Spike TV. The company rebranded and tries to showcase athleticism more, but for some reason they are still half naked. Idk, the athletes seem proud to be there, at least.

  22. I like how their TV is part of the art in the house! It took me a second to realize the small framed photo on the stand was their frame tv. I didn't know they came in that small of a size, but I love it!

  23. That should be Samsung's The Frame. The TV being able to be camouflaged into another painting is amazing.

  24. Si lo calientas bien, echándotelo encima cualquier café soluble te levanta. No importa que no esté bueno.

  25. No joke that's the best option, specially if you're not trusting the other part of the relationship.

  26. Jokes aside, don't bring your couple down with you. Talk with them, and be supportive.

  27. No me a pasado pero es casi lo mismo, estaba buscando una impresora Epson para sublimación y un morro me atiende en un local que no era el suyo me pidió el dinero para avanzar con el trabajo tenían que adaptar la impresora con tanques de tinta continua, ya después nos guió a otro local donde me entregaron la impresora.

  28. A mí me pasó una estafa peor. Pagué por una impresora HP ¡y me dieron una impresora HP!

  29. Las galletas emperador son de los productos que mejor desplazamiento tienen en el portafolio de Gamesa, y por su composición sus costos no son caros, lo que hace que sea fácil regalarlas en bonificaciones.

  30. I might not be very versed in hacking, but aren't pineapples installed on physical hardware?

  31. En el de Zacatecas sólo es un wey que se la pasa subiendo noticias de narco; 1 de cada 100 post son de alguien que realmente quiera comentar algo de la ciudad o necesite info para algo relacionado al estado.

  32. Yo iba a hacer eso con erreChiapas, pero luego vi que la gente publica lo que quiere. Y el contenido se queda mientras esté relacionado al estado, a su gente y no estén estafando o pidiendo nudes.

  33. It's Dubai. THe entire place is a dystopian nightmare of religious fundamentalists who got rich overnight off oil and are spending because they've no real idea what else to do.

  34. They building shit shows worth to visit because they already know the petrol and their slavery won't last.

  35. Qh cómo chingsn con eso, ya dejen en paz a los pobres chilangos!! ¿No ven que les da pena admitir que a las quesadillas NO le ponen queso por qué es un ingrediente caro para ellos? Ya basta de evidenciarlos

  36. A los chilangos les voy a tener lástima por muchas cosas, pero no por su gastronomía popular toda culera.

  37. Italianos abofeteando la gráfica con sus pastas y pizzas

  38. Mucha comida italiana es más que pasta o pizza, además de que los italianos consumen mucha agua y en muchas partes del país el transporte es a pie o en bici, tanto en zonas rurales como urbanas.

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