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  1. I cant even relate to people enough to form a conversation. People will talk about what’s going on in the news and because I have no opinion, I have nothing to say. And so I stay in the background. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Okay, there’s something to be said about being a watcher/listener. Treat it like sherlock Holmes. Notice all the things. If you’re quiet for long enough, people say things that you definitely shouldn’t hear. Be a spy. Watch, listen, learn. While you’re doing that, you can start to mimic how other folks look and act. Fake it til you make it. I walk in somewhere and act like I own the place. I am usually about to vomit from nerves though.

  3. I yelled at my parents for being “responsible” and not aborting me but completely sucking at being responsible parents. I didn’t ask for this life! And now here I am having to “do the work” so I’m not completely messed up and so that I don’t mess up my kid.

  4. Based on OP's description, wouldn't you wind up selecting one of the "predictable error" answers then, since it would be exactly the same as your wrong answer?

  5. I think they mean when they calculate an answer and it’s wrong, they choose the closest one to that answer. Like 47-9. If I answer 39 but my options are 38, 41, 35, or 2, I’m probs my going to go with 38.

  6. It is generally the best strategy to know how to solve the problems and simply use that knowledge to solve them. Not to say I did that every time, but it worked with near 100% efficacy when I did.

  7. I saw H is for Hawk and I wasn’t sure, but I’ll definitely check it out now!

  8. I never ever considered that I could have adhd. The only visible thing I did growing up was not be able to sit still. I blamed my poor grooming habits on the depression I entered into at like 13yrs old. I also blamed depression for not doing school work, but it isn’t true.

  9. Thank you, and I'm sorry you're going through something so similar. FWIW I don't think disability makes you a loser in any way. Those programs exist to help people get on an even playing field, so I see it more like a trampoline bouncing you back into place when things get unmanageable.

  10. Hey! You don’t have to monetize anything. I know your main goal right now is a job and money. But I think you’d find fulfillment/confidence/skills in hobbies too. What if you decided to try bird watching and that leads to a career as a bird guide? (I don’t know if that’s a real thing). What if you try bird watching and you absolutely hate every moment of it, but you meet someone cool and they become your friend/get you a job/have a car they’re selling? Even if none of those things happen, getting out and doing will benefit in a lot of ways.

  11. Lost in the Woods is top tier! I was so stoked Kristoff finally got a song.

  12. I had just kind of passively watched the movie with my daughter and listened to the soundtrack in the car and I remember thinking to myself “I wonder who’s doing Kristoff’s harmonies?” So the next time she asked for it, I made sure I watched that scene and I was blown away. I love the cheesiness and the reindeers. Too good.

  13. I am fairly certain it’s illegal to tamper with a fire alarm, especially if it’s a rental

  14. Exactly. I rent, and in the seeking of potential roommates over the years, have ran into a TON of people who want to move into a bedroom (in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment) as a couple. Or even worse, a parent/couple with young child.

  15. I’m a single mom and I don’t have roommates but a while back I had to move suddenly and I was desperate for anything. I applied for two apartments that were shared and both times I offered to pay 2/3 rather that 1/2. That makes the most sense to me. If not because it’s fair then as a tax for having to put up with a 2 1/2 year old who isn’t their’s.

  16. I have a 2.5 year old. He’s the best little thing ever mostly, then satan. He’s always full on. I can’t imagine living with someone else’s kid when I was younger and single. It’d have been torture

  17. Me either! Plus I’d hate for someone to feel obligated to help. Home is supposed to be where you’re most comfortable. A terrorist disguised as a 2 year old is not conducive to comfort.

  18. I came back even though you've already got tons of replies.

  19. You, my friend, deserve all of the upvotes. This is the first response that I’ve read that doesn’t say “it gets better” or offer unsolicited advice. You also asked what she needed from this post. That’s amazing! We need more of you in the world.

  20. The reference is actually that he and the rest of his family is going to take his sister to be lobotomised because she has mood swings then once her mental capacity is that of a 2 year old, have her permanently locked away in an isolated hospital ward and never mention her again.

  21. I’m not justifying the lobotomy, what they did is horrific. But it was more than mood swings. She was oxygen deprived in her moms birth canal. The nurse told her mom to keep her legs closed until the doctor came, so Rosemary ended up chillin for 2 hours in her moms birth canal, slowly suffocating. As a result, she had some mental issues.

  22. “Welp, here goes nothing”. It’s that acceptance of whatever is going to happen will happen, good or bad, whether you risked it all or stayed safe, so you might as well see what happens if you risk it all.

  23. Not eating certain foods purely because of texture

  24. My aversion is to what I call “chunky slimy”. Really anything that is a soft, solid food sitting in juices. Oatmeal, jams, jellies, baked fruit, canned fruit, any “creamed” vegetables, grits, beans, sometimes even smoothies. I just can’t do it.

  25. The first time my husband took his meds he told me it was the first time he didn’t have a constant stream of noise in his head.

  26. I feel the same. Before it was static, with every thought happening at once. Now that I’m medicated, the thoughts are still constant but it’s only 2 or 3 at a time versus all of them.

  27. Rejection sensitivity. I went in to a psychiatrist to talk about ADHD and was confused when she went on a “tangent” about it that, because I very much considered that an unrelated personality flaw. I’ve spent my entire life being told I need to have a thicker skin and not take things so personally.

  28. You just blew my mind. I didn’t even realize that that was a thing.

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