1. Hey I’m thinking of applying for next year, could I possibly please dm you a couple of questions

  2. I think it depends on how well you think your chat was and how comfortable you felt with them. For me, I sent a follow-up email to one prof with whom I had a really nice chat and who also expressed interest in having me as a student in his lab but not to another prof at a different school who I did not gel that well with.

  3. Would you not be able to get the supervisor of said PhD student to give the letter but the letter's contents would be based on the PhD student's experience with you and the letter could be co-signed by the student? This is done in a lot of cases.

  4. Email addresses are not case sensitive. So it doesn't matter. :) Good luck on your apps!

  5. It should be fine as long as you cross the total cutoff, but in case you are applying for TA-ships, this might cause an issue. Probably best to check that. Good luck!

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