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  1. To some pple it seems ok and kid is happy but the fear and the pressure is all terrifying. thats some fucked up shit, thats horrible to the kid and end up hating her i was bulied and abused by a parent as a child, now as a parent myself i would rather spoil and raise naughty kids than put them thru that shit

  2. 2 days before my dad took his life he called me telling me what he wanted to do (he had been calling me and telling me how depressed he was for months and I was sick of hearing it) and I hung up on him….. I HUNG UP on my suicidal father!! He then killed himself on my 17th birthday. Everybody in the family thinks it was coincidence that he took his life on my birthday, but I know the real reason. I’ve never told a single member of my family as I know they would blame me(especially my brother). Ever since he took his life I have this recurring nightmare of seeing my dad in a grocery store passing at the other end of the aisle. He’s pushing an empty shopping cart and briefly looks at me at the other end of the aisle but keeps going. When I run to where he was, he’s now at the other end aisle. Rinse and repeat until up wake up screaming. Some secrets will haunt you until you die……..

  3. Definitely not your fault, the best thing is to forgive yourself mourn the death of your father properly and move on, even if he could talk to you that day it couldnt helped much coz he was already deep into the suicide thing and needed some professional help. You are only 17 just a child not your fault clearly, if its that bad talk to a therapist and get help somethings are hard to deal with on your own. Good luck

  4. When did you start? Kids learn through play. Speech therapy had helped my son tremendously, and it involved play.

  5. Like 8 months, she is good and willing to help but i feel its a little progress

  6. My severe speech delay 5.5 son started to just talk/ask and a complain about his siblings constant not fully back and forth long convesion and it makes me happy

  7. Thats so cute i also have that situation and its amazing.

  8. Seriously, you need to get over it. That was a long time ago and no one even cares about it anymore.

  9. They are not worried about what they said at that moment but its the video tape and the main worry is the may be the video isnt yet deleted and might re surface again on the internet or being shared to some trolls. The black mail and releiving the nightmare again is terryfying.

  10. Uh, I think I am worried about what I said. Regardless, if nobody ever saw it again, I want it deleted because it’s fucked up and weird. I have no idea if this person had me repeating stuff to record while in a drunk and vulnerable state. When I saw this video I literally got sick to my stomach because I NEVER thought anything like that would come out of my mouth. Speak for yourself.

  11. I undastand i was just replying on earlier comment when someone said just movr on i only meant it isnt that easy when you know everything you said however bad it was is still available to be uploaded. I was not speaking for you

  12. What are his moves and what do you want him to do? Did yoi just straight up talked to him and laid it bear how you exactly feel and not rely on hints and body language? How you marriage/rship perfect when he always threat you with breakup? I am sorry to ask this but does he realy love you or its just one sided thing?

  13. A mcdonalds burger and a good vaseline stroking with an amatuer porn videos from my phone after 15/16sh hours working in a dead end jobs when my fat wife is pretending to be asleep in the other room and ignore my needs. Then sleep for 4 hours before hell (work) starts at 05.00 the next morning. God do i miss my vaseline which i should hide everytime. Call me king of crappy life. I was once a beautiful young boy before life start the beating

  14. Safety first, dint compromise on that. Std's are horrible worst case death trough hiv

  15. Just asked my man and he said never. But I'm always one for trying out any new technique I come across, I like to keep upping my game and be the ultimate dick sucking machine. I know my man's weaknesses and how to make him cum but I like to mix in different sensations and edging, I try out all of my toys on him too and like to use a bullet sometimes or my wand. it would be nice to have a place where we can all swap BJ tips . Not sure if there is a sub for that

  16. That sounds a little similar to my 3 almost 4 year old daughter, she is speech delay but she does have pretty good eye contact, no hand flapping, no palilalia, she does have a lot of echolalia but that’s due to her speech delay. Very very hyper. She did get diagnosed with level 1 verge of level 2 (but her diagnosis was just level 1) I would recommend maybe getting a second opinion? If they also say no autism then maybe ask them their opinion as to what he could have.

  17. Thanks i was kinda frustrated really, what are the other symptoms if you dont mind and is the speech getting better.

  18. Her speech has improved a lot but she is still considered very delayed (she’s at like 1y5m and she’s 3y10m old) with my daughter she sometimes can’t control her emotions, she also has a thing, her thing is dogs. Anything and everything dog she will want. She has her little quirks like randomly going on the floor and turning in circles until I stop her. These are just a few things but overall she gives the “appearance” of a typical kid her age. Very happy, greets others, smile, good eye contact

  19. What happened to men, all i hear is young men not attracted to their young beautiful women. Something is really killing men inside. The place is full of hot women complaining my bf will not have sex with me i did everything. Where is men sexual hunger, women in deadbedroom relationships. I dont get it as a society we should look at what the hell is going on. Men crying after sex left and right and not wanting to have bj or not going down on their partners. Men complaining their women smelling bad. I dont get it.. I am 40 and have 100 times more hunger and desire than a 20 year old. Ask yourself what is killing men sexually? Pls excuse my english its not my language Thank you

  20. nothing causes autism, its not an illness, it doesn't need a cure. its a disability you are born with, you can't 'catch' autism. educate yourself.

  21. Hei i know everything you're saying. What am asking is despite all that general answer to the causes of autism which is unknown. people just like the 137 people who commented before just suspected something even though they are not sure exactly what is, its just an opinion am not doing any research or misleading anyone. Its just a human nature to blame something when such thing happen might be true might not be true. No one cares its just a vent.

  22. Lots of people saying genetics, which is definitely known to be a factor, but we have an interesting case. My kids are identical twins, and one is autistic (“level 3” i.e. very, very high support needs), and the other is NT.

  23. Wow i never thought there was such a case with identical twins, there is definitely something more than genetics that comes into play. are they both boys or?

  24. We allowed zero until he was 3 with the exception of grandparent conferences. Now at almost 4, typically it's about an hour unless someone is sick or he's overtired for some reason and he can't regulate

  25. How did you managed that like zero tv time you are good my friend

  26. Thank you! I actually didn't have a language delay growing up, so I spoke at a relatively normal age. Honestly, I could argue that my speaking, reading, and spelling were all better than my peers growing up. I got a lot of compliments from adults on how articulate I was. It's interesting to see how autism affects everybody differently.

  27. No you are not bragging thats perfectly true. you just described how your situation was growing up.

  28. Thank you, I got downvoted so I was a little worried I sounded full of myself.

  29. And the social situations take one step at a time and count the small wins i hope you get over it. Stay strong

  30. My 4.5yo has receptive language issues. He was diagnosed with receptive expressive language disorder. He can only label things he wants. He understands single situational commands like bed, eat, potty, bye bye. But he doesn't understand complex commands. Go get your shoes, bring brother a diaper etc. They're working on that a lot at school for him. I'll talk to him knowing he doesn't really understand me. But he is situationally aware. He knows what is going on and the teachers have taught him Shapes, colors, numbers, animals etc. So he can be taught. I really don't understand his language issue.

  31. Hei does your 4.5 year old kid also autistic, Is receptive expressive language disorder get better in the future.

  32. Why would you death grip her tits? I would leave if you do that and i got no tits. Lol

  33. Acceptance, dont compare educate yourself about Asd, your childs rights and the programmes that are available like speechAba and other tharapies, take good care of yourself and also dont forget about the siblings they also meed you. Good luck

  34. No sex without condom. The risk and the consequences are way too much. you stood up for your self kuddos.

  35. Again depends on the man. I love a BJ from my husband, I love to masterbate, especially in front of him. He rather not masterbate at all. If he would have it his way, I would have to do all the work, while he takes forever to climax.

  36. Um, I’m a dude that is married to another dude. 😂

  37. I see hahaha but what i meant was i also thought somehow a guy would undastand the anatomy of the penis well enough to give one hell of a bj much better than a woman but just wanted to hear your point lol. Have a lovely day with your husband.

  38. Perfectly said. I will incline to the predator thing

  39. There's a lot of stories relating to that side of him. Some cash-grab, some very believable. I won't accuse the man of anything in his grave, but given the amount of predators in the music and movie industry, it's absolutely possible he had another side to him. I hope not, but I'm unbiased.

  40. He seems genuinely nice and soft hearted person but the sleeping arrangement in neverland is sickening and awful. The mere thought of being accused of being a pedo itself is something else.

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