1. at least use an account that doesn't have previous posts promoting your Etsy. It takes about 30 seconds to create an account on here. Not that the instant reply with an Etsy link doesn't give it away

  2. Not as good for Torsos, but Popgoesthemonkey “Ultra Legion” search yields good results.

  3. Be aware that people are looking for printable designs here, not physical products.

  4. Would like to see the overlap when closed. The notches in the top make me think of a tool to stretch something open, like a split ring pliers?

  5. That sounds more like a scratch built diorama, but I havent seen it. If it were printed we probably would have seen it here.

  6. Darn. It was definitely a render. Only thing is I can't remember if they actually were printing and selling physical models, the .stl, or if it were just that...a render.

  7. I like both, are you going for woodland or desert? Each one suits one type.

  8. Do a squad of each! They're very 3rd Ed style, they definitely mixed and matched in the guard back then!

  9. Those are insanely clean and sharp. Beautiful lines!

  10. That's basically a 1 for 1 sculpt. You're missing your shoulder pads tho. Thought it looked a little thin. Very clean, I think I'll have to track this file down.

  11. What tools do people use to create the models? Blender, Zbrush etc

  12. Both of those and many others besides. There are a few threads in the past on this if you search the sub.

  13. I would be inclined to go with what is one the bottle. That said, you may need to tinker with settings.

  14. The bottle settings have no idea what printer you are using, so I would ignore those completely. The settings database in lychee is hit or miss, so I would just use this as a starting point for exposure tests. Check out the guides in the main post.

  15. Long gone, he doesn't want them shared. There are plenty of newer alternatives though, craftos, lordchammon etc

  16. Do you have any other recommendations? Just trying to find out what options I’ve got (don’t care about paid btw)

  17. I've a related question I've been meaning to ask as a fellow mars 2 pro user. Do you level every time you put the build plate back on? Or do you find that you only need to relevel if you change something?

  18. Not necessary unless you start noticing issues. I probably only relevel once in 10 prints

  19. There's a thread linked in the monthly pinned thread that answers this question. Please have a look there for getting started.

  20. Fantastic guide, thanks for taking the time to write it up. I'll sticky it for a while and add it to the monthly thread fans.

  21. There's basically zero reason to cast when you can 3d print minis. You might get better replies in general 3d printing or jewellery making subs.

  22. Cheers, I didn’t know if red would work with it but I didn’t want to paint a white, black or ochre army.

  23. I was looking for master of possessions and sark apostle proxies, ThatEvilOne had some dope models in the ashen court of Phoenician but that got wiped. I found some good stand ins from Atlan forge in my trove of files after I posted this tho

  24. U dont need UV. Just put it in sunlight. Wear gloves. U wash your print in warm water (makes Supports easier to remove). Never wash the print with in your sink! Use a small box.Take the print out. Let it dry and cure in the sun after u removed the supports. Never leave the print in the water. The water u could place in the sun as well and evaporate, dont dispose in your sink since the water is contaminated with resin.

  25. This is a good response. The key is not to leave it in the water. Water washable resin is soluble in water, so leaving it in there will cause it to crack.

  26. Hey homie, they look absolutely gorgeous. I'm in the market for a thunderhawk (I saved the files from the one that was posted on here a few months ago) and I'll eventually be looking to commission someone to print one for me as its too big for my friends. I recently had a bad experience with someone from miniswap over a warhound (nightmare project from hell) but if you've got a discord chat me up! If you'd be interested in printing the older style ones that is.

  27. This was a reply to the commenter, not to you OP. Your post is fine.

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