1. Yes. My chronic pain hasn't gone away by any means, but I definitely have more "good" days when I'm consistent with AIP. Every time I reintroduce eggs/dairy/gluten/nightshades/caffeine/etc, I flare.

  2. Congrats!! Be sure to cement today in your memory. When you feel hopeless and stuck in it again, remember you had a good day and you'll have another good day again! (Eventually T_T)

  3. medication in itself does not make you gain weight. Medication can make you feel like eating more food. If you do like OP did and control your food intake you will not gain weight if you are on medication . medication does not have calories in it. Food does 😀

  4. Actually, we aren't 100% on why antidepressants cause weight gain. There could be metabolic impacts of many antidepressants. Eating more, certainly plays a part, but science hasn't ruled out other factors.

  5. Having taken antidepressants Myself Over a period of 20 years it is absolutely the food that I stuck in my pie hole not the pill that made me fat ..

  6. That's not actually rigorous testing from a scientific perspective and doesn't disprove a potential connection between antidepressants and metabolic changes.

  7. I had a cold for 3 days and thought it was just allergies and a flare. Thankfully I didn't get anyone else sick. Genuinely didn't cross my mind until day 3.

  8. My mom used to salt and microwave it. The edges would get crispy and the center gooey.

  9. Theobrominated, but yeah, basically

  10. Thinking more on the adrenaline rushes during the night, have you been checked for sleep apnea? I've heard that's a common sign. I actually have sleep apnea but it had been treated for a couple of years before the adrenaline rushes started so that's not the cause for me.

  11. I haven't had a sleep study, but it doesn't feel like sleep apnea. There's no point at which I stop breathing. I've had my partner sit with me while I do it and it happens asleep or just trying.

  12. How about you blame the city for creating the dangerous condition in the first place?

  13. The house is worth 80k tops. That's being generous. 50k is more likely. We live in a very low COL and that's a particularly low COL area

  14. Sure. The magnitude is different but the point is the same. Would you throw $50k out the window because the city made a poor infrastructure choice?

  15. I wouldn't buy or rent slum properties in the first place. If I did rent out a property where people had been killed in the past, I would feel some personal responsibility if someone else died in the same predictable way so I could make some extra cash.

  16. I OMAD first thing. Gets me out of bed in the morning ☺️. Then I mentally check out for the rest of the day

  17. I went to a rheumatologist and all he did was diagnose me with fibro (the third doctor to do so) and told me to go vegan. That being vegan would cure it. I told him I had been vegetarian for 20 years and tried vegan for 5 months years ago, but given my non-existent energy and food trauma as a child, I couldn’t sustain it. I morally believe veganism is where I want to be, but I struggle with preparing, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards so I get a lot of pre made food to get something in me.

  18. I was vegan for five years and vegetarian for a bunch more before I developed fibro. Developing fibro is what made me give it up. He's dead wrong.

  19. nutriscore makes little sense as is, but this is just wild

  20. It seems like something like this would be corrupt as fuck. At least in the US. Food lobbies would make the ratings functionally meaningless.

  21. We disordered eating peeps need a community wide clothing exchange program with how quickly we fluctuate between sizes

  22. I like when my friend says she doesn't count fruit and vegetables on her diet bc I know it's not like she'll gain weight and it's a healthier mindset, but some people who says it gets me unreasonably mad, mostly bc I WISH THAT WERE TRUE YOU ALL ARE LIVING A LIE

  23. Yeah definitely depends on the person. But if he is morbidly obese he can definitely lose weight without counting lettuce calories or some shit.

  24. Sure. Absolutely. But he thinks that I can just eat as much fruit as I want and never gain weight and that's just frustrating and wrong. And no amount of evidence to the contrary is going to sway him, which is basically my kryptonite.

  25. It's also almost never on good items at some stores. it's often all junk. I rarely see sales on, say plain ground beef, veggies, pasta, or anything like that. It's always Pop-Tarts and cookies. You might get things that are about to go bad marked down but that's not quite the same.

  26. This is my biggest complaint. I get coupons, but they are ALWAYS for junk food and other shit I'm not going to buy. They want to make big margins and that isn't happening in meat or produce.

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