Oscar Nominations 2022: Nominees List

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  1. If anyone is voting in North Sydney right now, St Leonard’s has a 1 hr queue and Cammeraygal High School has a long queue outside as well, but you can walk a bit to North Sydney Girls there’s practically no queue

  2. When I first joined the company I shifted my hours to match theirs but trying to take in that much technical information that early in the morning was an absolute nightmare for me.

  3. Have you tried splitting your work day instead? I live in Australia working for a US company. I start early in the morning for some overlap with the team. Have all my meetings before lunch, then a couple hours after lunch are my “me” time. Go to the gym, take a walk, nap, etc. I continue working mid afternoon-evening.

  4. Do you mean you’re writing pseudo code on paper? Even if it’s not coding I think most work are done on screen these days?

  5. I love my allbirds wool/tree runners for wide feet

  6. Socks LPT: put them in laundry wash bags

  7. Thank you! That’s a lot of information so I’m gonna have to read through it more thoroughly.

  8. In my experience, leather care for jackets needn't be as intensive and painstaking as footwear, for obvious reasons. A classic Lexol cleaner + conditioner combo should keep your jacket pristine and buttery.

  9. I’m 10 years in and I got really good at providing different updates when it actually means I’ve made no progress. However, if you’re blocked, make sure you mention it as that’s the point of stand ups. Most of the time it still feels bad to not make progress even if it’s out of your hands but it needs to be brought up.

  10. I like citizen wolf for t-shirts. Bought a white tshirt a few months ago and it’s not see through at all. And since it’s cut to order they allow you to add notes on how you want it made (like if you want the neckline higher). The have a few tank options but I haven’t tried any

  11. This is great thanks! Super is not yet included.

  12. I think 60k is ok. I personally would aim for more (maybe 75k+) to move to a different country but it’s not a bad salary at all.

  13. Generally speaking the tech industry is incredibly casual--I think during my last season of interviewers someone said "we don't care what you wear the last guy we hired came in in flip flops but was the smartest"--but I came in wearing jeans, a nice top, and converses lol. Did get the job, but only after sweating through the worst graph traversal question lol.

  14. Jeans and t-shirts and sneakers for me. Cardigan and blazers for layering cos the office is usually cold. If it’s a tech company, t-shirts are definitely acceptable.

  15. Who’s being shown as flying here? All the Eternals are on the ground?

  16. Ugh, I hate this so much. I like watching YouTube channels, specifically Blind Wave, react to my favourite shows because they try really hard to not look at leaks and spoilers. This way their reactions are completely genuine and fun to watch. However, they also have a Q+A section at the end of some reactions so have to be wary about spoilers.

  17. Tbf while I was watching that ep I said to my boyfriend

  18. They can open a US “bank account” on Wise and get account details that can be used for deposits.

  19. AWS is the most popular but I wouldn’t say they have the best documentation. But because of their popularity, it’s not difficult to find help.

  20. Is Deadpool not in the marvel section in the UK? It is in Australia.

  21. Disney doesn't want adult stuff on Disney + so that's why they have Hulu in the US for more mature movies/shows. Overseas, they have the STAR section on D+ which is just basically Hulu.

  22. But Deadpool is under the Marvel section here in AU.

  23. You have the Star section on your D+. We don't; we have Hulu instead.

  24. I understand. But I keep reading comments saying that > PG13 content is part of Star in D+ outside of the US, but it’s not true. We have R content in other sections too. They just get hidden based on our profile rating

  25. I’m somewhat new to comics too. Been following the reading guide that

  26. Wasn’t even in theatres at all (where I am) in Australia. Just randomly straight to Disney+ with no advertising or anything. Never even came up on the top banner, I only knew it released because I had a notification set up with JustWatch.

  27. I didn’t even know it’s on Disney+ here! Added to my list

  28. Looks interesting. Is it only first person view? I got motion sickness playing house flipper so I’ve been avoiding first person view games

  29. I started to do the process of changing my last name not because I had to but because I was so happy that we were married and I wanted to....until I saw how much paperwork was involved and then didn't lol. 20+ years later, still haven't gotten around to it 🤣

  30. I don’t know how it happened but I guess my mom started the process but never fully completed it or something. All her financial documents (including bank accounts and credit cards) use my dad’s surname, but her other official IDs (passport, driver license) still has her surname. Things got complicated when I applied to things that require my parents financial info (like universities)

  31. This is one of those titles where I had a very different initial reaction before reading the sub name.

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