1. It’s pretty good, I have a girl I have been trying to kiss for fifteen years, but she won’t allow it. We will see.

  2. I'm planning on returning to Mars to complete the remainder of my service.

  3. After studying aliens for four years what is their favorite food.

  4. Yep, you're one of us. Let's crack open some single-use plastics and dig some coal!

  5. But how... Are there houses in the asteroid belt or what ?

  6. Lol...... ok I wonder what happens when one of them collides on mars or Jupiter, Like

  7. There are birds in the Asteroid Belt. They're called Kitzkwik.

  8. I know. That's why I referenced two other Bogart movies in my response.

  9. Would you be willing to comment on my nude pic if I sent it to you?

  10. Hey, you asked for it. The title is AMA 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  11. There was a dentist in my neighborhood that gave out toothbrushes every year. I’m not sure it gets much worse than that.

  12. This is pretty common. Same with pencils, erasers, feminist lectures, and smiley face stickers.

  13. I mean... do I really need to change my question? Fine.

  14. Bros asking for pics you that desperately need to see someone else happy while sitting here jerking off and crying?

  15. Thankfully I brought a pre-paid cell phone phone with me, otherwise the roaming charges are brutal. A call to Earth was like $5,000 a minute.

  16. That's nothing, I went to Pluto and the charges were over $300,000 a minute. Good thing I remembered to turn my phone off!

  17. Mars has one Galactic Union member state (the Martian Kingdom) and two semiautonomous regions (Phobos and Deimos).

  18. I used to sleepwalk FREQUENTLY. Like, at least once a week. I was kind of a shithead, too. I was in a serious relationship, about 20 years old, and I woke up in the morning to my girlfriend sleeping in the other room and a urine smell in my room. When she woke up I asked what happened. She was PISSED at me. Like ANGRY. Turns out I'd decided I was in the bathroom, and stood to piss on the drapes. When she tried to wake me up, I just cussed her out (I would NEVER EVER EVER think of talking to her, or any partner like that) and told her to fuck off and go sleep outside if she didn't like it (again, never would I speak to her like that while awake)

  19. I would lick your pee right off the drapes if I was your partner.

  20. Oh well maybe they're common questions or something.

  21. That would make sense, it's certainly easier for babies!

  22. Haven't been a Walmart employee for over 10 years but I'll bet you'll like this website

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