A man with no phone, just living in the moment enjoying Tiger.

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. No schmaltz and and cow innards and you've got yourself a kosher vegan pile of yum going!

  2. Tiger was certainly not enjoying many moments.

  3. The states that heavily restrict or outlaw abortion will make it a crime to manufacture, trade, ship, or possess morning-after pills.

  4. Very nice and generous of you. In the future I'd personally hand such a tip to the cleaner. You never know if someone else is going to come into the room and the tip doesn't get to the person you intended. Not saying people are untrustworthy but in a culture where tipping is not engrained in society or regulated by a business, it could fail to get to the right place.

  5. Well... The world doesn't write in cursive like us Vietnamese.

  6. Work in education here in Vietnam. Crazy how much focus is placed on learning that flowery, perfect penmanship in the public schools here. Also still forcing kids to be right-handed. So many better things kids could be learning.

  7. Another lyric from another Big L song, but I've always wanted to know, did anyone back then actually call their belly a "food box"?

  8. I needed some shoe goo and kickflipped the shit out them shoes.

  9. It's not a milk shake, it's a Silo.

  10. The Dems tried to pass BBB and a Voting Rights act and there was tons of messaging about it. They tried to raise the min wage, lots of messaging there. The Dems have firmly supported Ukraine and opposed Putin, again a lot of messaging there. The Dems are leading the Jan 6th investigation, tons of messaging. The Republicans have gone after trans people, books, and education.

  11. BBB - Messaging? More like they wasted an entire year on something that didn't pass. They were setting up BBB as the centerpiece of the election campaign. It fell flat on its face and they had no alternatives in place and still don't. The message everyone got: Congressional Democrats were the only people on the planet dumb enough to think Joe Manchin wasn't playing them. The message that came through was they were weak.

  12. I don't get weakness from these failures, I get "f*ck Sinema, Manchin, the entire R delegation that obstructed all of it". Gone are the days when a President can corner a Senator from the opposing party in the bathroom at Congress and LBJ them into a critical vote. Blaming the Dems on failed legislation falls right into the Republicans' hands. I absolutely agree that there is a lack of defensive initiative on the "culture war" crap, though.

  13. I know it it kinda insane to say this but this is one of those cases where cheaping out on some part of the project would have saved a lot of money in th long run lmao. Like why couldn’t they just put a mesh over each of the hole and call it a day lol? They spent their budget into shits like this and people wonder why they are always underpaid.

  14. The implication is that they were budgeted far more than what they really cost/are worth, and the difference of that bought someone a new car.

  15. Yes, it is Argentina and it is a freight train that belongs to "BelgranoCargas". The rails are quite abandoned, it was speeding a bit and the rails are so buried that they derailed. Nowadays, Argentina is experiencing a national renovation of all the rails that it used to have, but it still lacks a lot.

  16. Does "BelgranoCargas" bring Nachos Belgrandes? /s

  17. Get your strings out Charlie, because absolutely nothing will ever come of this.

  18. Comments like this make it happen, breauh.

  19. You might be right, but the endless comments assuring people that something will be done don't have a great track record either.

  20. that can't be it. i made that poster in 1987, i got it somewhere in the attic oh my god

  21. He got drunk and passed out in a hotel lobby once, and no one could move him so they gave him a blanket and put traffic cones around him and let him sleep.

  22. I thought it was a cover for grand piano as blankets on Andre were basically a bath towel.

  23. Nope. 10:40AM taxiing to park, this very morning. SGN. Sun high and hot in the Saigon heat. Angle of the sun and perspective of the potato shot through the window of the A321 I was in will do that.

  24. It's a good and an interesting novel, but you have to read it as social criticism. If you read it as a glorification or the time period, then it is vapid and meaningless.

  25. I thoght it was, narratively and social critique-wise, about how Gatsby was a meaningless fraud and how all the gilded revelries were only a facade.

  26. Voting for Bernie was the right choice. I understand why people voted for Biden in the General but voters shouldn’t be surprised by the l same old same old now.

  27. Same old same old? The Executive branch has quite limited power. It can form and promote vast legislation, like BBB for example, and shitheads like Sinema and Manchin can shut it all down. Biden has definitely been lackluster or worse on some areas, but don't get it twisted. No President is gonna get shit done. That happens (or doesn't) in the crooked Statehouses and dysfunctional halls of Congress, and the farce of the Supreme Court.

  28. Nobody dies “of old age” anymore. We’re able to diagnose much more now

  29. They paid for univeristy with part time work? They owned houses by 30? They had pensions by 60? Definitely dementia, because that is pure fantasy these days.

  30. Modern warheads aren't that much bigger, but operate in conjunction with multiple warheads per missile. The W76-1 warhead is the most common and it sits at 90kT compared to the 21kT of Fat Man. The new W76-2 is only 5-7. But a single missile can have up to 14 warheads. the New START treaty limits them to 4 per missile though.

  31. And then Ferris Bueller went on to make such films as "Mutual Assured Attraction" and "Biloxi Booms" and that one movie with an atomic chimpanzee, who rightfully won the award.

  32. Cat realizes no mouse at end of shiny maze.

  33. They look a lot better than my prospects of home-ownership.

  34. My left ear is dead. Paying full price on headphones really sucks. I didn't want to spend 3k on headphones to only use 50% of it, but here we are... Or... hear, we are

  35. Yeah this doesn't work where I grew up in California. The Vietnamese joint was run by Koreans, the Thai joint was run by Cambodians, and Mexicans cooked it all.

  36. That strip has about as much soul as the Vegas Strip.

  37. He actually called him Cephas which is Aramaic for "rock" and then they translated it to Petros in Greek in the Gospels. He's called Cephas 9 times in the New Testament and Peter 156 times.

  38. Sounds like a bunch of baloney to me...wait, Simon Baloney to me. Wrap it up however you want, Jimmy

  39. Completely unnecessary, but they’re targeting the 2 sec micro attention span of today.

  40. How big is your span, Captain Attention-0?

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