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  1. In thirty years democrats have had something resembling a supermajority for six months, and Ted Kennedy was sick during those six months and unable to vote, and congress was focused on healthcare reform. You’re also ignoring that there wasn’t an obvious judicial assault on settled case law in 2009 when they had this power, and abortion rights have grown in popularity by a great degree over just the past decade.

  2. Ribs. Just call us the Chefs.

  3. A giant statue of Arthur Bryant getting his bottom rib removed (or performing the maneuver he got it removed for)

  4. Appropriative. Let's do a giant peepee instead.

  5. I'm guessing that Vanman meant a Roth IRA, but jsyk you can have a Roth 401k as well.

  6. None of us knows shit. Time will show (hopefully not).

  7. Time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell...

  8. I'm honestly surprised at how much the lake situation in KC sucks (for swimming at least). Are there any good lakes in the area that you can swim from the shore, or swim in without having to pay?

  9. I don't have a problem with Texas, or any southern state, seceding. I truly don't see how the south and the west/east coast should be in the same country.

  10. Why has Mexico not invaded and conquered Belize or Guatemala?

  11. Do what I did, use game theory. Call all the dealerships in the area that you want to buy this specific car with all the title and taxes included. You will walk in with a cashier's check and buy it.

  12. I have a friend who did this. He emailed the dealerships, and then forwarded the deals they offered to other dealerships in the area being like "beat this".

  13. One of the reasons it may be changed. The other reason is that the WHO doesn't want some random people somewhere to start slaughtering monkeys which historically has happened when you name a disease after an animal. But the linked article is rubbish that doesn't explain this bit either.

  14. I hope they find a cure for this billionairepox before to many of them are slaughtered.

  15. June 16th is the equivalent of stardate 47457.1, which was mentioned in The Pegasus!

  16. No. Kansas City, MO voted for it. Kansas City, KS voted it down. Why Kansas was even included in it is beyond me. It went from the airport to the speedway.

  17. I would imagine the speedway part is why Kansas was involved...

  18. It's about time "Peg O' My Heart" made a comeback.

  19. Cut them all and make the movie filled with thousands of microceratuses. They were adorable and robbed of more screen time, but I’m still glad they were the most heavily featured ceratopsians in the movie (alongside Nasutoceratops)

  20. The orc/ogre-esque concept art is pretty widely discredited, in the script that's available online they're not so much "hybrids" as they are... Smart-ified. Like, more capable than a K9 but not able to talk. Still silly but not delving into body horror.

  21. I mean the raptors are already smarter than a K9

  22. more like sugarless motherfucker... which is the last drink he eva had

  23. It's not just that though. The Helsinki metropolitan area has 1.2 million people on 770km2 - not sure what density that is (I suck at math) but I'm sure it's fairly low, yet we have a well-kept public transport system with trains, trams, buses and the Metro.

  24. I think that makes it right around the density of Columbus

  25. My friend, if you are in the US and working >40 hours/week as an ML engineer, then you should be making at least $100k. It's definitely time to look for another job.

  26. Man, the three right after Million Reasons are sooo good

  27. BuT tHe RoYaLs BrInG iN mOrE tHaN tHeY cOsT!!!!!!

  28. Evangelion: 1.0 You Can (Not) Afford

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