1. Daniel is following a pattern in an attempt to have Maura remember. Ada needs to "die" to continue the sequence.

  2. Does he really come from 1899 though? Do any of them?

  3. Kanye ain't reading that, in his own words books "be all wordy and shit."

  4. This doesnt sound like a good workaround to me. Its still an extra step that needs to be performed. So you are just choosing between one quick failed attempt before using your fingerprint, or doing this which requires locking it and then entering your pin.

  5. In Pennsylvania liquor stores which use Ingenico terminals, the first failure requires the cashier to start the transaction again. It's not a quick failure attempt as it requires the interaction of a third party.

  6. Oh I hope I didn't come across as acting like there is no issue. I realize its an issue. I just didnt understand that in some cases it actually requires restarting the whole transaction.

  7. With my workaround I don't have to talk to the cashier or insert my membership card again.

  8. I toss sinking pellets into my tank and they will intercept the pellets as they sink. Then they run off to a resting place and eat.

  9. There's a way to make it stop doing that. Of course off the top of my head I forgot how.

  10. It turns back on daily, so you have to make a routine which executes "stop by the way" in the middle of the night.

  11. My wife and I got a house in a townhouse development in 2017 for $270. Brand new models are now $480+.

  12. I bought a house in 2003 and there's no way that I would be willing to buy one in today's market. I finished the mortgage last summer, though, and holy shit did that feel good.

  13. I don’t understand how people think this makes anyone feel anything other than uncomfortable.

  14. Not excusing this at all, but it's a small sample size. Was the same dude working and sending the messages each time?

  15. That uh, sounds mightily like an excuse, my friend

  16. You don't think that it's valid to question whether or not the messages were sent by the same person?

  17. Some companies do not allow 401k contributions for a few months after hire. Perhaps this can be negotiated, but it might make it more difficult to maximize pre-tax contributions.

  18. They see nothing. Without going into great detail your yubikey presents itself to the computer as a keyboard. When you tap the key it types a string of characters that proves to the service your logging into that it’s your yubikey you have inserted.

  19. They can see the TOTP codes, though. A pin can be set, I believe.

  20. This is the exact reason why I don't trust cars when I'm on the crosswalk. The crosswalk doesn't give me invulnerability. I still need to be careful.

  21. Graveyards are full of people who were in the right

  22. I seem to recall someone saying that this was in the Philippines the last time this was posted.

  23. My shrimp are too sensitive to do this since my tap water is way too hard. Everything has to pass through a RO filter first and have minerals added after the fact.

  24. “All of the patients in the COVID-19 group were exposed to COVID-19 infection from 4 months to 1 year ago.”

  25. I want to know if any in the COVID group were vaccinated

  26. Unless they're all mating/molting at the same time, this is a sign that the water parameters aren't to their liking. From what I've read, anyway. All my neos stay grazing 99% of the time. If they're swimming, it's almost always the pH that's dropped a bit.

  27. My Amano shrimp do this at dawn and at dusk. The cherries just do their regular grazing and they're way more sensitive to water conditions.

  28. Conversely, I wonder how many ailments specific to men are unknown or unstudied because so many would die at a young age.

  29. Show her how smooth your face is when it's pressed against her thighs.

  30. There's a Lebanon in IN, MO, NH, NJ, OH, OR, PA, TN, VA

  31. There's both the city of Lebanon and the county of Lebanon in Pennsylvania!

  32. I can’t think of a single complaint about my Zojirushi rice cooker. Makes me so happy, restaurant quality rice every time if you clean the rice thoroughly and measure carefully.

  33. Mine is old enough that the LCD clock is very dim when it's unplugged now and there is no easy way to replace the battery without disassembly.

  34. This makes me miss Buffalo. Been living in PA since 2010 and have yet to see some real snow

  35. They will allow pets if you are sitting there, still and quiet. They run back and forth from the neighbors to our house. Ive been trying to.get them homes but everyone keeps backing out last minute. I would become that crazy cat person and take them all but my dogs will not allow it. My elderly void cat wouldn't have it either.

  36. Do you have a shelter nearby? I volunteer with a local shelter and they're good about taking in kittens.

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