1. I've definitely ran into instances where there are many shooters spread out over an area that would simply melt me before I could shoot them all. Especially when multiple gunners + reapers use their full auto shots for a duration. I find the team loses much less health if I block all the shots and let the veteran pick them off from my side. Sure, there are plenty of instances where charging in with the shield is best, usually for smaller rooms where the enemies are grouped. But for dam sure there are moments where the shield is the correct move.

  2. No no no. See your mistake was thinking that this is a game and you are meant to be entertained and feel enjoyment. This is a Very Serious Video Game(TM) and you have to play the mathematically precise way that some people on the internet have decided is the only way to play the game. Your job is not to have a good time for yourself, your job is to ensure that my gaming experience is good.

  3. There is a real world disorder where a persons hunger signal just never turns off.

  4. Who in their right mind would want to be a cop nowadays?

  5. I appreciate the unstated major premise of this sentence.

  6. ESPECIALLY with Light's Out. Like, what are you doing? Just hammer that tag button in the darkness for your psyker, plz.

  7. I thought it was a joke until I went to the theater the other night and it was one of the previews. Along with another movie that I thought was this movie. Boomer entertainment?

  8. Or give a little more time to communicate about who has what.

  9. Rally 'round the family, with a pocket full of stuffed shells.

  10. Melk just means Milk in the Scandinavian languages.

  11. Saw this on the front page. Though to myself, "Heh, Warhammer 40k would be funny." Open thread. Yup. Right there.

  12. I mean I feel you. Since the games launch is been nothing but "game bad, Uninstall, etc etc"

  13. My parents are in their 60s: dad was an engineer, mum was a lawyer. Both were socialists their entire working lives and immigrants who believed that we should all help each other.

  14. I’m in my 30s and I swear YouTube wants to radicalize me. I read an article about a controversial figure saying something. I want to see it for myself in context. I look up the video. Okay now I know.

  15. I will not judge, cuz, today, I’ve played the most overwhelming game, and it was on malice. For some reason, at t3, no modifiers, we had all dogs spawns with 3 to 4’dogs all the time, it’s was really weird

  16. It's buggy still. We had an endless horde on a lights out heresy mission. I don't know how endless horde is supposed to work, but it was truly endless. They spawned non stop for like a third or half of the map. Thankfully it stopped before the cryo rods part. I'm still amazed we finished without any deaths.

  17. Thank you for this. I was thinking of this scene the first time I saw the Discord pic with N E X T W E E K. You did much better than what I would have done.

  18. That's pretty cool, I haven't seen that quote before.

  19. I was like 12 or something. Went with my older sister. I was thinking it was going to be like Star Trek. The part when Weir is in the green corridor trying to repair the power and you see his wife's empty eye sockets? I hid my face I was so freaked out. No movie experience will ever compare to those surprises.

  20. Wow. Reading this was so similar to my own story it was a bit freaky. Somehow I have not come across a lot of people who lost a partner to suicide. I don't browse here a ton, but it seems to be rare, and I have never met anyone in years of support groups who has. I am so sorry for your loss. This is is a very unique and difficult pain to deal with. Like others suggested, I would also recommend finding a therapist, maybe one that specializes in trauma. You may also want to think about finding a marriage counselor to be help you and your husband communicate and strategize how to support each other. The therapist can be a good neutral mediator to help you talk about what you need and defuse any heat before it builds to an argument or misunderstanding and hurt.

  21. Dang just checked and didn't see any available. I've been waiting.

  22. Man I hate that this never happens when I play.

  23. Or you get 2/3 scriptures and the 3rd one is bugged and it can't be picked up.

  24. These are not new openings. Look at the start dates for all the positions. The UI one is 2021, most are 2022, one is 2023. So one new opening. Cool.

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