1. Their platform is basically stage a slow-motion coup at this point

  2. Browns stadium is gonna fall to the same fate once Baker moves out 😔

  3. The House That Baker Built and Deshaun Usurped

  4. That’s stupid, the point of the show is literally to make you uncomfortable

  5. I've heard of something called butt plug-ins, not sure if they come in VST or AU though

  6. They could always use a lemon tree as collateral

  7. It's a great idea. But Josh Gordon and Christine Michael type hype trains are going to end up at the top of the list.

  8. That’d be part of the fun! They should be wacky and deranged and reflect this sub

  9. Fields didn’t play baseball in college but he was recruited to and could have. The guy who yelled the n word was a baseball player for Georgia though but it happened at a football game.

  10. Lmao Georgia could’ve had a Heisman tier QB if their fans weren’t racist

  11. Fuck off with this. Get this out of this sub

  12. The PFF one is really good, discovered it last season and have been enjoying it and they do them pretty frequently.

  13. I’m surprised the PFF fantasy pod isn’t more widely known. It’s very possibly better than most of the ones mentioned here

  14. Damn Mack makes 300+ lb Slater look tiny

  15. Took a few weeks with Trubisky and Mack I think

  16. I'll be honest, I just really don't get the Tee Higgins hype. I think his upside is very, very capped with Chase being there too. I don't see Higgins as ever being more than a ~1000 yard 6-8TD guy so long as Chase is healthy and on that team.

  17. Bruh they were equal in targets last year when both were on the field. Higgins had multiple blow up games down the stretch where he out scored Chase

  18. Bears fan here - Chargers are my AFC team this year largely for this reason

  19. PFfF grade is a decent way to assess somebody’s talent. Granted, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than any other stat available. Maybe not for fantasy, but for assessing how good a player is on his own it has some merit.

  20. Yeah the ppl who shit on PFF grade just don’t understand what it is I think lmao

  21. Sure, that's fine to do. But I'm also not going to be the guy who assumes the worst because someone says something. If it's in any way shape or form verified or even hinted at being true by other sources I'll reconsider this. But for now, at this moment in time and with the knowledge I have, I'm calling BS.

  22. The problem with SA allegations is that they're often very hard to verify, even if they're totally truthful. So it's possible that the allegations are all true but we'll never hear anything more about it. At the very least I don't think we can call BS on the allegations - given the knowledge we have now, we have to assume ~50% chance they're true

  23. I can understand your viewpoint and respect your opinion on it. But the fact that this girl posted something, then something else from a second account that showed only her being at a bar with and driving with Roq, then deleted everything makes me doubt her veracity. I still subscribe to innocent until proven guilty (and even a lesser standard in SA cases). But this doesn't rise to even a "suspicious" level imo

  24. I'm not sure if we know if she deleted it or if TikTok took her videos down because they were a "violation of T's and C's"

  25. Likely true, def bottom of the B1G. When Notre Dame came to campus in 2018, the energy was electric. That one game gives me hope that we can get better and also that we are probably not the very bottom of the P5.

  26. I was at that NU-ND game in 2018. Side note: ND fans are the worst

  27. Lead on gay men so maybe , JUST MAYBE, you can get laid w a girl……. Talk about toxic 💀😂🤦🏻‍♂️🥴

  28. You seem like you deserve to be led on

  29. I can give you some good MSU games at least:

  30. I was at 2017 vs. Northwestern!! Such an awesome game. Fun fact: NU's next two games also went to triple overtime

  31. What do you think about the defense? Last year was such a nightmare, and I'm not sure if it's more about all the talent we lost or O'Neil.

  32. I think it was O'Neil. We didn't lose enough talent for the defense to regress that much

  33. And Jalen did more to help the injured folks (fans from both sides) than the team ever did

  34. Say what you will about his play, but Jalen has always been such a class act

  35. True POS. I don't want to hear his name mentioned once this season. "Legal issues" is the euphemism of the century

  36. The best option for this is MAutoPitch for monophonic material or MHarmonizer for polyphonic material. Both sound WAY better than Waves Tune RT, LittleAlterBoy, or any vocoder

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