1. can they? sure. Idaho can't send people to California. Californian law enforcement would have to look up the warrants and send the arrested to Idaho. would law enforcement actually refuse though? probably not. they get paid for arrests.

  2. No they don't. There isn't a commision based on number of arrests.

  3. They do sometimes. My hometown for instance.

  4. YTA, you are not meant with daddy and she doesnt associate it with you in any way. stop ‘overhearing’ your daughter.

  5. To be fair, if they can be heard, they are the ones that need to keep it down. Doesn't make his request valid though.

  6. Info: Do you honestly believe any grown woman refers to her father as daddy?

  7. To answer your query, yes, regionally speaking some people do use that term for their actual father.

  8. As someone with severe food allergies, even the smell of certain foods can make me feel really anxious and on edge.

  9. That isn't the allergies though, that's your anxiety.

  10. Some people with serious allergies can have reactions from just the smell. After all, a smell is just tiny particles of the thing itself breaking off and floating in the air until it enters your nose. I think there's been cases of people going into anaphylactic shock on planes cos everyone around them were eating peanuts.

  11. The smell alone can do that, but "being anxious" and "on edge" are not symptoms of an allergic reaction. They are symptoms of anxiety.

  12. While I'm as pro-gun control as seems logical to be... yikes is right.

  13. I just thought because they can’t feel things and horny is a feeling

  14. They certainly can feel things. And sex drive isn't a feeling. It's innate to the most primal parts of our brains.

  15. Sounds like you're both the problem. Your standards are too high and he's unsophisticated and a bit of a slob.

  16. Are we supposed to be able to read those comics?

  17. Sounds like you need help focusing then not to add new things.

  18. Mmmm when you have adhd sometimes adding new things does help you focus. I mean, how can any of us tell them how they can work on focusing when they have had adhd all their lives and they probably know what works best for them

  19. My point wasn't I know better than them. Just that perhaps working together to stay in the moment is better than adding a new distracting element? Just seemed odd a couple of teens needed help maintaining interest in sex in the first place.

  20. Ok so following the diverse comment I tried to change a little bit the last two What do you think ?

  21. The sword and shield and multiple stars look much better! With some uniqueness behind them!

  22. Looks like you ran out of juice for the last 2... or 3.

  23. I don't know if I do. Not wearing pants right now so I can't check.

  24. Some do. But some dogs get a shit ton of energy out playing with each other inside the home too.

  25. First off, Photoshop hasn't "always been a thing."

  26. Am I dumb? I just see a normal Anteater

  27. Ok. I'll be honest I dont see it at all. I think the head and the leg look totally different. Bit its ok, haha

  28. They do. That's the point. The one leg looks more like a head than the actual head does.

  29. Look I get the sciencey stuff. I’m asking for what google can’t get me: real human responses about ppls own experiences. This could be a case of “In theory, theory and practice are the same…”

  30. "Sciency stuff"? You asked how smell works. I answered. My experience is exactly what I described. So is everyone else's as that's how our brains work.

  31. Pull him aside, say it was a nice time but it was your first time having a hook up "like that" (there's a lie for you 😉) explain that it's not his fault but you didn't enjoy the lack of intimacy after and don't know if hookups are right for you. You trusted him enough to try this, hopefully that trust means he's a person who is mature enough to hear this and respect your boundaries?

  32. Very cool! And a unique combo of characters you won't see every day immortalized in ink together.

  33. Well fuck has a lot of connotations depending on the context. It's not based of a name of a being

  34. Not really. Religion is a mythology some people still believe in. Doesn't make it less mythological in nature.

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