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  1. The fuckin questions posted on here lol truly hilarious!

  2. Yes, but they do have a point with some of the band's behavior. Especially playing "fire" while literal fires were started, irresponsible.

  3. That's a ridiculous take. The bands were hired to put on an amazing show, and they did that. The location, infrastructure, security, food, pricing, giving out fire to the 250k aggressive, angsty fans - those were the problems. None of that is Fred Durst or Korn or RHCP's fault.

  4. He yelled break shit...and they broke shit. You are delusional

  5. The bands were hired to put on the best show possible, which they did. Managing the crowd and venue is not their problem.

  6. If those passes are suicide passes being given, then that pass is not actually available and shouldn't have been given at all. Your forwards need to be facing you if they're going up the ice in north-south, or moving laterally across the ice so they can be ready to adjust to any defense when they receive the pass. Your center should be swinging low on breakouts, as either your option or the quick option from the winger on the wall to the swinging center as he's gathering speed up ice.

  7. I'd throw in my 2 cents for something from Bauer in their Nexus line - Geo, 2N, etc. They tend to have a puck feel that reminds me most of my old Eastons. Their blades feel more dampened, but compared to "pingy" blades, I definitely prefer them.

  8. I’ve actually heard that too. The thing is, I really love the StepSteel runners and I’m not sure they make those for Graf skates. Could be wrong though.

  9. If you're mostly focused on comfort and fit, I would definitely check out Graf. I am not familiar with their current Peakspeed models, but the classic models Supra-700 series are very comfortable if they fit your feet. Graf does also offer custom skates as well, made in Canada.

  10. The problem has gotten significantly worse in the just the past 10-15 years. Likely wasn't much of an issue at all in 1950.

  11. Like others have said, a copper rivet would be most permanent. My True customs have the tendon guard riveted in. Loctite on the screw threads would hold it snug otherwise.

  12. They never happened, but these proposed Flyers third jerseys from the 90's were a crime against humanity

  13. I want to see what the hell that shoulder patch on the right-side jersey is

  14. People keep posting pretty ugly jerseys that are at the very least ballsy and creative. My least favourite jerseys are boring balls of nothing like these:

  15. Cut off some padding? Heat up the shell gently and squeeze it into a better shape? Get a haircut? Lots of good options

  16. Does this mean I'm NOT crazy for having three pairs?

  17. I could totally imagine some post-playoff story about some guy never taking his skate off for the duration of a series to keep all his bones in place and swelling down

  18. Sorry, this is an old thread. But how did you go about buying your Grafs? It seems like there’s limited options for actually going out and trying them on. Do you just have to live in the right area, or will they actually let you ship skates back and forth until you find a pair you like? And the customs, that has to be in-person I’d imagine!

  19. I got mine through Cyclone Taylor Sports in Vancouver. I am located in the US though, so it was all through email. The reason it worked for me was because I knew which model and size and width I needed based on previous Graf skates I've worn. I suppose it'd be hard to do the fitting if you didn't leave nearby a shop or know what skate you need beforehand.

  20. By the time that touches the ice, they'll be releasing the Trigger 8

  21. there was a prototype for the trigger 8 there as well. it had a lot more purple

  22. Wow. So waiting until a SECOND or THIRD DATE, meeting a new person before letting them INTO YOUR HOME, is too long?? Wow.. just, wow. Dodged a bullet there.

  23. I have no problem shooting, I just find it difficult to raise the puck without having to make the puck go fast and it makes it hard to catch saucers for my linees sometimes

  24. I would argue that the P92 and P28 are easier to do little chip or sauce passes with, because of the open blades. When I used a P88 or P9, it seemed much more difficult with the closed face.

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