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  1. Isn’t the trucking industry desperate for driver currently? I wouldn’t bother to show up tomorrow and spend that time applying elsewhere.

  2. Meijer brand French bread pepperoni. I add hot honey before putting it in the oven.

  3. That’s honestly impressive. I’m not into the super extended arm but respect!

  4. This one hits. I’m constantly just not wanting to be involved in conversations even with my wife. She is my favorite in the world and I know it bothers her when I’m barely engaged.

  5. Sorry to be so firm. Please, please 🙏 try your hardest as you overcoming this will benefit you graciously! That's also great you are aware of these effects as they take great tolls on others, significantly! Being aware is the best; because you have an advantage that others don't. I hope, wish, and pray that you will defeat this. Besides there's nothing more lovely on this beautiful and wonderful Earth than a simple ol' conversation.

  6. I can’t recommend these tours enough. We used them all throughout our 6 month trip and Edinburgh had some of our favorite tours.

  7. I’m not sure what they offer as far as college students but I would try Mazak for a mechanical engineering. Best of luck!

  8. He has no idea how good of a car this could be or even what it’s worth. I get it that it doesn’t fit what he’s into especially for a young guy but this has some true potential.

  9. I've had both 3rd and 4th gen camaros and the drivetrain in the 4th gens is far and away superior, but my 85 Iroc is the most fun I've ever had in a car. I wanted to Ls swap it but it got stolen while I was recovering from a nasty head on crash in my s10.

  10. Do these guys hang out with girls?Whenever there’s a party video I see a sea of dudes and one girlfriend hanging out in the corner

  11. Your uncle and cousin are owed a debt of gratitude. I will be there Day 1.

  12. I second this. I’ll be sure to give them my business next time I go to Disney!

  13. Oh this type of thing gets under my skin so hard. It’s all for the attention smh

  14. You already have a limit on how many dildos you can purchase in Texas. But go ahead and buy all the guns you want.

  15. Now you get it. The morality police is already anglin' to ban abortion nationwide in congressional decree. If they can tell women what to do with their bodies, and blur the line between church and state, what's to stop them from banning contraceptives? And then after that they come after your Riley Reid!

  16. Lmao I saw a guy with a hat on earlier with a rifle and it said “come and take it” or some stupid redneck crap. I want that but instead of a gun I want the pornhub logo.

  17. It would be great if normal features worked, like not getting kicked after every game when in a party. You know just basic ass shit.

  18. It just seems like some people need some perspective and level their expectations a bit. I’ve been playing this game for years and never had issues I see posted about on here and same with my friend. We all play console so are most of these issues PC or something?

  19. No I’m on console. Rn playing with friends we always lose someone after a match like 95 % of the time. This game literally can’t just run smoothly, after every update there are literal game breaking bugs every time.

  20. I play with about 10 different people and none of us ever have issues. Knocks on wood.

  21. Drives and parks it on a public road. Gets mad when public takes a picture.

  22. Just another Republican being a total piece of shit taking away freedoms hiding behind the constitution knowing that his base is to ignorant and unwilling to do any research on any topic as long as he makes it seem like he’s sticking to the libtards! Fucking disgrace.

  23. Most definitely. He’s training, the CBA made it so so impossible to holdout and if it’s really about money the missing out on $12 million ain’t the move.

  24. That is one of the most legible autographs I’ve ever seen. Pretty cool and best of luck to the Pats this season!

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