1. Nicktoons short - a show of hands? or are you thinking of that one that'd come on in between doug episodes where an actual reallife human hand would draw like the guy with a big nose?

  2. This sounds fishy, like you’re trying to fake employment… Most landlords will only verify a paycheck, not actually call the employer. But that seriously limits your time range bc if you’re quitting and have no further proof of employment then your window to find a new place is extremely limited until you do find new employment.

  3. my apologies not trying to sound fishy just trying to avoid hr wrath. I just know how management gets when you quit there (no time is ever a good time to leave) and I want as minimal confrontation as possible. I wouldn't want to quit until I secured a place anyway.

  4. I've literally never called an employer unless the paystub looks fake.

  5. Ah. Well you're just going to have to decide what risk tolerance you have and what premium you want. It's all a trade off. Go for an HDHP eligible HSA if you're young and have no issues or if you have a lot of issues. Otherwise pick a middle of the road plan

  6. last update I'm sorry I'm remembering them as I go. The very last story at the end of the book was about a man in some menial office job, he turns invisible and can't figure out how to turn back. In the end he turns visible again by jumping onto one of those big lion statues you see outside of libraries and such and riding it like he's always wanted to since he was a kid. whole thing was some allegory of learning to live a little to be human.

  7. I remember one other story (also zombie related but not all the short stories were) a theater/movie director NEEDS his next film to do good or he's screwed/ no money/will never work again. lead actress dies (I believe overdose) and he brings her back to life as a zombie but doesn't tell the other actors as long as possible. Eventually they find out because she's pale, smells like rotting flesh and the actor who has to kiss her describes as "kissing raw bacon". the movie does okayish and the actress is praised as being aloof and mysterious. the director's job is saved and the end is him demanding to his manager that the next film/show he gets all the last actors/crew hired back (who knew she was undead) and that it is not a romance this time but a horror thriller called "queen of the zombies"

  8. oh another story in it I believe a woman loses her young daughter to cancer but in a pet semetary fashion brings her back as a zombie. however the tumor in her stomach continues to grow until it births the daughter again?

  9. declined a job when I got the call back. The owner was nice and seemed really invested in doing good work but the shift manager was overbearing, if not a micromanager at least would have been an aggressive yeller. You ever meet the physical embodiment of one missed quota away from a rupture neck vein? Plus they didn't necessarily lie but dude really downplayed over the phone just how sales-y the position was.

  10. Lydia (the girl with big hair) is in a couple of shots of this. I definitely remember that scene when her friend gets her eyes botched!

  11. In my experience, I've seen corporate complexes care the least about anything. If you're working with someone who owns an apartment or house privately, it's hit or miss. I've had some private landlords be really picky and others just say well I trust you so you can have it!

  12. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind during my search and try not to rule myself out of any places before they say otherwise

  13. once had an hour/ hour and 10min commute. the wear on the car wasn't noticeable (though if I had stayed longer i'm sure it would come up) the constant fueling was annoying but what sucked the most is how much of your life is just revolves around nothing. get up, drive to work, work, drive home, and suddenly either is so damn late you don't want to do anything else or you're so tired you physically cant do anything else. health definitely took a toll with that one

  14. from my experience the job itself never took very long no matter what I did (food, retail, dental, optical) from applying to interviews and that final yes/no was usually 2-3 weeks. its finding that job that took +4 months of wading through "8 years exp 12.50/hr" and refreshing indeed twice a day being hopeful you just missed a semi decent listing the first time or deciding 25 miles isn't TOO bad

  15. How the fuck do you get horny? Men have the obvious wood, what do women have??

  16. In the same boat filed 2 weeks after you and return was accepted not even 10 minutes after sending. what's rude is I owed in state and they had no problem charging that in a few days but going on 2 months to get the federal return?? this has never happened and my only guess is because I changed my name in the middle of the year (I hope that's what it is) I was really banking on that return to buy some essentials.

  17. it's a fairly new video (at least i've only seen it recently) and I THINK the girl's dress was blue

  18. human centipede 2 or the evil dead remake (specifically really just the nail file to the teeth and when he had to pull the needles out of his face scene always made me shudder)

  19. The music isn't necessarily bad but god new country is very repetitive in "someone cheated, wheres my beer and my dog, rinse repeat" that being said I'll be a hypocrite for a second and say I do like

  20. Buying a Wrangler really depends on your use case. I'm a rural mail carrier and they're the only RHD cars you can order new in the states, so I (sort of) needed one. If you don't need the transfer case and ground clearance, look elsewhere - maybe an AWD Crosstrek?

  21. Thank you for the detailed reply. It would really mostly be a work commuter but I needed something larger for the occasional wooden pet project. I've only driven in the snow a handful of times so im grateful to hear in time itll get better. my first car was 3rd hand'04 when I got it so I have zero experience in knowing which problems start from the getgo and which is from age. Thank you for the info!

  22. I’ve been enjoying my Grand Cherokee. It’s great in the snow, slightly more aerodynamic than the wrangler :p

  23. It definitely looks like it can handle the weather and projects I want! little concerned on size (picky I know but had to learn to drive in an armada so scarred for life on big big cars lol) but might have to look back into it thanks for the suggestion.

  24. Sorry to jump in here but would a person need prior experience within an optometrist office before they can study and sit for the ABO certification?

  25. Yes and no. It's helpful if you've worked in an optometrist before but it is not a requirement. The only legal requirement to take the exam is a high school diploma and be +18 years old (at least where I am I'd check the state you're in you may not even NEED the cert only about 1/2 the states do) If you do live in a state that requires it I HIGHLY recommend Mometrix study book, and take the practice exam.

  26. Thank you for the information! I did google my state and the exam name and of course my state (Arkansas) always needs to be extra.

  27. Ah yes you never get lucky enough to live in the state that doesn't actually require it. So it's slightly different here (CA) they offer the exams 4 times a year but only require the abo (glasses based exam) you can take the NCLE (contact lenses based exam) but it's not mandatory here so unfortunately I wouldn't know much about that one. So time frame really depends on two factors 1) willpower and 2)money. *again I don't live in Arkansas so take with a grain of salt*

  28. I went on one of those font websites like dafont, found one I liked as a goal/inspiration then printed out the alphabet in light grey color and practiced using that. or you can get those grade books to save yourself the ink

  29. red potatoes, alouette cheese, don't beat the hell out of it you want mashed potatoes not glue

  30. I'm scared of clowns, but it's the clowns with painted expressions that I don't like. I think it's becasue I can't read their emotions or whatever. Always been scared of them since I was a kid.

  31. I once read that clowns freak kids (and adults) out so much is because humans are like REALLY good at reading emotions (ie social cues, speech, body language) even to the point of subconsciously doing so. So in the sake of clowns with painted expressions if that expression doesn't match what the person/clown is actually feeling warning bells go off that they're faking it and it freaks people out.

  32. people storming the capitol. I feel like it went away too quickly regardless of politics that's the sort off thing you only see in movies starring George Clooney, way too many explosion, and a car chase scene, not a typical weekday afternoon that's gone from public eye faster then a meme

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